Create a Calming Environment: Use Interior Decorating Principals to Invite Peace

Too many people lead incredibly active lives; between the kids, the spouse, work, and community involvement there’s no time left to relax. If you fall into this category, you can find a relaxing getaway in your own home with just a weekend interior decorating project.

Which Room?

The first step is to figure out what room will serve as your oasis from stress. Which room suits your relaxation needs best? Bath people should think about creating their own home spa. Readers should add a book nook to one of their rooms. Aspiring writers should think about writing space. Television watchers will want to focus on the TV room. Think about what you would enjoy doing most if you had a couple hours of free time and use that as your inspiration; be original, be creative.


Once you’ve determined what part of your home will serve as your peaceful place and what its purpose will be, it’s time to think about the large furniture pieces you’ll need or the ones you already have. Consider their comfort and function. You’ll obviously want something that is functional but in this situation you’re really going for comfort so keep that at the top of your list. Decide if you’ll stick with pieces you already have or if you’re going to go shopping.


Next, consider your color palette. The key to creating a really relaxing environment is keeping the colors rather neutral and homogeneous. Neutral isn’t a hard-and-fast rule; a black meditation room may be just the ticket for you, but in most cases something soothing and cool colored is best. Keeping most items in the area a similar color or hue is best as color contrasts can be jarring to the eye and not relaxing at all.


Finally, consider your accessories. A bath should have all the bubble bath and candles you want. Get yourself a special, expensive fluffy towel just for those relaxing moments you can steal away. Reading rooms should have proper lighting, not too harsh or too dim, and a handful of those books you’ve been meaning to read but never get around to it. Tackle your room accessories with the same intent; get what you need and then indulge in the little luxuries that make life sweet.

When creating a room for yourself at home that creates a feeling of calm and sanity in an otherwise hectic life, go for a small space that is rather easy and inexpensive to redecorate and then spend a little more on the treats you’d like to give yourself a mini-vacation at home.

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