How to Fix GE Microwave Keypad Shorted


Have you ever had an issue with the keypad on your GE microwave where it would not react or behave in an unpredictable manner? If this is the case, you may be dealing with a keypad that has been electrically shorted. A keypad is a vital part of a microwave since it enables the user to input several settings, including the amount of cooking time, the power level, and other options.

If the keypad on the microwave is broken, it can make it difficult for you to use the appliance correctly and may possibly present a threat to your safety. In this piece, we will discuss the factors that might lead to the GE microwave keypad being shorted, as well as the procedures for diagnosing the issue and the potential repairs.

Causes of a Shorted GE Microwave Keypad

There are a few different scenarios that might result in a broken or shorted keypad on a GE microwave. The following are some of the most often occurring causes:

Food Debris or Moisture Accumulation

Electromagnetic waves are used to create heat in microwave ovens, and these waves go through the food and excite the molecules of water there. This process can also produce steam, which has the potential to escape the microwave through any openings or vents that may be present. In the event that the steam condenses on the keypad or control panel, it has the potential to generate a buildup of moisture that disrupts the electrical connections.

Moreover, food particles or grease can collect on the buttons and switches, which can cause a short circuit if left unchecked. This problem is most prevalent in microwaves that are placed over stoves, as the fumes from cooking can make their way inside the unit.

Wear and Tear or Physical Damage

Accidental drops, collisions, or scratches can cause physical damage to a microwave’s keypad, making it susceptible to wear and tear. Because they are pressed so frequently, the buttons eventually wear down and become less sensitive and more prone to sticking as time passes. It is also possible for the control board or the wire harness to get damaged if it is subjected to excessive heat or electrical surges.

Power surge

A rapid spike in electricity or loss of power might cause the microwave to malfunction, which can then harm the control board or the keypad. During a rainstorm or whenever other electrical devices in the home take an excessive amount of power from the circuit, this problem may manifest itself.

Glitch or Manufacturing Defect

It is possible for a GE microwave keypad to be faulty on occasion owing to a problem in the manufacturing process or an error in the software. This problem might exhibit itself as a temporary or ongoing difficulty, such as the display flashing illogical characters or the buttons not reacting to the user’s touch.

How to Diagnose a GE Microwave Keypad Shorted

Before attempting to repair a keypad that has a short in it on a GE microwave, you need to confirm that the problem is, in fact, caused by the keypad and not by any of the other components. The following are some methods that may be taken to diagnose a shorted keypad on a GE microwave:

1. Keep an eye on the display as well as the buttons in case they start acting strangely. Check to see whether the display is showing random characters or ones that are missing, as well as whether or not the buttons react or actuate appropriately.

2. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the circuits in the keypad as well as the resistance. Using this instrument will assist you in determining whether or not the electrical connections include any breaks or shorts.

3. With a voltmeter, carry out checks on both the control board and the power supply. Check to ensure that the microwave is getting the appropriate voltage and that the control board is operating properly.

Solutions to Fix a Shorted GE Microwave Keypad

When you have determined what caused the keypad on the GE microwave to become inoperable due to a short, you may move on to fixing it. Try your hand at some of these potential solutions:

Clean and Dry the Keypad

You can wipe the keypad and the spaces surrounding it with a soft cloth and some mild detergent if the faulty keypad was brought on by moisture or food debris. Make sure that the keypad is completely dry before using it again, and stay away from cleansers that are too harsh or contain too much water.

Repair or Replace Damaged Components

In the event that the keypad, control board, or wire harness becomes worn out or damaged, you are able to replace the faulty parts with brand-new versions of those components. Genuine GE microwave components are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer or via authorized dealers. You also have the option of employing a qualified expert to perform the task of component replacement on your behalf.

Check for Software Updates

You can try resetting the software or firmware on the microwave, or you can update it, if the problem with the shorted keypad is due to a problem with the software. In order to reset the program, disconnect the microwave from the power supply, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This will cause the software of the microwave to revert back to its factory settings. Check the GE website for any available updates, then follow the on-screen instructions to install them in order to bring the firmware up to date.

Ask for Professional Help

If the problem persists or if you are unclear on how to remedy it, it is in your best interest to seek the aid of a trained expert who is competent to do so. They are equipped with the knowledge and instruments necessary to diagnose and solve even the most complicated problems with your GE microwave. You can get in touch with GE’s customer care in order to seek a repair or replacement for your microwave if the warranty on it is still active.

How to Prevent a GE Microwave Keypad from Shorting

The best medicine is always prevention. The keypad on your GE microwave may short out if you don’t follow these preventative measures:

  • After each usage, you should wipe the keypad and the microwave to eliminate any moisture or food particles that may have been left behind.
  • Utilize containers and lids that are safe for use in the microwave to avoid messy spills and splatters.
  • It is important to refrain from slamming the microwave or smashing it, since doing so may cause damage to the keypad as well as other components.
  • Protect the microwave from power fluctuations and surges by using a voltage stabilizer or surge protector that you have installed.

GE Microwave Keypad Shorted FAQs

What should I do if my GE microwave keypad is not responding or showing erratic behavior?

If the keypad on your GE microwave is not responding or acting erratically, the problem may be caused by a keypad that has been shorted out. To diagnose and resolve the issue, the actions outlined in the article should be followed.

How can I prevent my GE microwave keypad from shorting?

Use containers and covers that are safe for the microwave, avoid slamming or hitting the microwave, and install a surge protector or voltage stabilizer to prevent the keypad on your GE microwave from shorting out. Wiping the keypad and the microwave after each use will remove any moisture or food debris that may have accumulated.

Can I fix a shorted GE microwave keypad myself?

If you have the appropriate equipment and repair expertise, you might be able to replace a faulty keypad on your GE microwave by yourself. But, if you are uncertain about any part of the process of repairing something, it is preferable to seek the advice of a specialist.

What should I do if my GE microwave is still under warranty?

You can get in touch with GE’s customer care in order to seek a repair or replacement for your GE microwave if the warranty on it is still active.

Can a shorted GE microwave keypad be dangerous?

If the keypad on your GE microwave is shorted, it can make it difficult for you to use the appliance correctly and may possibly present a threat to your safety. In order to avoid any potential injuries, it is necessary to make a diagnosis and implement a solution as quickly as is humanly feasible.

Final Words

A keypad that is shorted on a GE microwave can be annoying and uncomfortable, but if you diagnose the problem correctly and implement the appropriate remedies, you can repair the problem and stop it from occurring again in the future. While dealing with electrical equipment, it is important to remember to take all necessary safety precautions and to seek the assistance of a professional if you are unclear about any part of the repair process.

You can keep the keypad on your GE microwave in good operating condition and enjoy cooking without any problem if you follow the instructions that have been provided above.

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