How to Stay Protected At Home

Very few people believe in the whole “your home is your safe haven” narrative anymore. Sadly, so many crimes are committed inside the home that it can be hard for some people to keep their minds at ease. What can we do to protect ourselves in the very environment in which we’re supposed to be able to forget about outside dangers?

The stronger your security, the more at peace you can feel. If you’re at home alone quite often, then you should take extra steps to strengthen your home security. If you’ve just moved into a new home, then there are several steps you should take to ensure your safety. Here’s a quick guide.

Check your entrance and exit

Always make sure that your windows, front and back door are on top condition. Check your door hinges, doorknobs if it doesn’t have any damage. If you find one, repair it immediately or if you’re not up to it, hire an expert to do the job as soon as possible. Because every day that you left those tiny damages uncheck it will eventually grow into something bigger that might give way to some people with bad intentions to gain access to your home.You can also install security shutters from a reputable company like Eurex Shutters to completely protect your windows and doors.

Be aware of your surroundings

You may feel that you’re already pretty familiar with your home. But what about the surrounding neighborhood? The homes you live next to? Do you know what safety measures are in place around you? A good way to feel more secure at home is to ensure that your neighbors also have strong security. Do they have external lights that activate when they detect movement? Do you or your neighbors have pets that might accidentally trigger these? And what kind of hiding opportunities do the streets outside offer a potential criminal? Becoming familiar with your surroundings will allow you to better detect when something has gone awry.

Drink less at home

The old advice is to avoid drinking alone when you’re at home. This is for reasons pertaining to alcoholism, usually. Of course, a drink every once in a while can be okay. But the fact is that alcohol (and drugs) numb your senses. If you want to stay on your toes, make sure you’re not getting drunk or high at home when you’re by yourself.

Get products for self-defense

There are several self-defense products you can place in and around your home in order to strengthen security. An alarm is an absolute must. No questions about that, here; you must rig your home up with a good alarm system. Alarms can be trigger when a door opens at a certain time, or when glass breaks; you’ll be surprised how many things can trigger one. There is also CCTV to consider for the outside of your home. If you don’t have the fund to set up an entire camera network, then even getting some fake cameras installed will help deter criminals.

Learn physical self-defense

Sure, you can get self-defense products like a mace to help subdue criminals. But some people feel more comfortable using their bodies. More in control. If violence becomes necessary, then you should employ some basic but effective self-defense tactics. You should even consider going to self-defense classes so you can hone your skills with a professional. (This will also allow you to practice on someone else!) Of course, in order to use these most effectively, you should be in good physical condition. Consider exercising more to increase your strength and stamina. The aim here is to get yourself as strong and as fast as possible so you can protect yourself should someone threaten you.

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