8 Simple and Effective Home Security Tips

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to skimp, it must be your home security. Many people often invest too much time and effort in making their homes beautiful they forget about improving the security.  Yes, it’s the style that catches attention, but make sure you have your security measures in check as well. Here are some important aspects that you need to check into.

Check your windows.

Huge windows are amazing to look at but it also poses a huge threat.  This is the commonplace burglars use as their entry point as it is the easiest to pry open. For this reason, check it regularly and take measures to properly maintain it.

Door locks

Your door lock is your main defense against unwanted entry.  Your main door is the most obvious way and this can be on the top of the list of any burglar. Choose good quality door locks, don’t cheapen this out.

Motion triggered lighting

This is another good thing to have. What makes this a good alternative to a normal lamp is the fact that it is triggered by motion.  Yes, it won’t just detect human motion all the time but it will at least alert you that a movement was detected every time it lights up. Also, as it is not turned on all the time it can be a good way to save on electricity bills.

Use window grilles if necessary.

If you know that a certain window can be prone to forced entry, it would be wise to cover it with grills.  These are often the ones that do not receive attention like those in the basement or the garage. This is a good security redundancy.

Exterior lights.

Other than installing motion-triggered lights, installing regular exterior lighting is important as an additional security measure. Properly placed lights will preempt burglar attacks. These people do not want to be seen thus if you install a light on the possible entry points this will discourage their activities.

Regularly prune your plants.

One common way that burglars conceal their presence is behind your garden. That tall shrubs you have in your garden is a perfect place to hide and stalk your activities. It pays that you maintain just the right height for your plants to eliminate such problems.

Know your neighborhood.

The best way to defend your home from criminals is to know the possible sources. Sometimes, the culprits of these crimes are just around the corner.  As such do some checking on your neighborhood. This is very useful when you’re new to the place. It’s not that this is always the case but this is among the top sources of your security concern.

Keep the door jambs and hinges strong.

This is a good burglar deterrent.  A simple way to do this is by upgrading your screws. Toss out those 3/4 inch screws.  It would be more fitting to use 2-3 inches screws instead. Burglars kick doors along the sides of the door jambs as these are the weakest points. This is where the hinges connect to the door jamb and using longer screws will penetrate the wood better which dramatically strengthens it. This will give criminals a hard time kicking your door open.

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