The first thing you need to decide before beginning any home interior decorating project is what do you like. It sounds obvious and simple but too many people don’t decorate to their own tastes. They follow trends and fads or even let decorators make important decisions for them.

Now don’t get me wrong, professional designers have their place and can be a valuable tool but unless you help them understand your personal style they won’t be able to capture. And by the same token, unless you understand your personal style you can go wildly astray.

Usually people like a wide variety of things. Bright red may be your favorite color but at times you’re really going to feel drawn to a cool ocean blue. Just like you may really prefer country crafts in your home but for some reason the sleek elegant lines of a contemporary piece of furniture might reach out and tug at your heart.

So how do you figure out what your style is and how to begin your interior decorating project?

The first thing you should do is gather up as many decorating magazines and books as you can. Pour through the stacks and come up with something that represents every style you can find. And I mean every style. If you know you despise the country look and swear there will never be a duck with a little blue bow around its neck in your living room you still need to get a book or magazine that features country style interior decorating. But take note of the offending duck.

This is because knowing what you don’t like is as important as knowing what you do like. Go through the interior decorating materials and begin making lists. One list for everything that jumps out at you and strikes a chord. And one list for items that would normally have you turning the page.

Now you’ve completed the first step. You know what you like and don’t like when it comes to interior decorating and you can take the next step in decorating your home.

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