Every home has areas that occasionally accumulate clutter. However, too much clutter can cause stress, take up more of your time, and make some areas unsafe. Reclaim your space by starting your cleaning efforts in these five essential areas to declutter in your home.


The entryway is a clutter hotspot because it stores things you need daily. The compact space holds many things, from shoes and outerwear to car keys and wallets. You should remove excess items and add an organizational element to increase functionality. For example, shoe racks, storage benches, and coat racks can simplify the area.


Cooking in a messy space is unhygienic and dangerous. No one wants appliances falling off the counter or food passing its expiration dates. Therefore, the kitchen is an essential area to declutter in your home. Organize cabinets to ensure appliances and dishware are secure. You should also remove outdated goods, broken dishes, and other things you no longer need.


Over-accumulation is the number one reason for closet clutter. We tend to accumulate clothes, shoes, and accessories without decluttering our space. It’s easy to fall into the “I might need this one day” trap and keep too many items. However, a wardrobe purge can help you reclaim your closet and make room for necessary possessions.

When it’s time to declutter, special-occasion garments are common items to consider purging from your closet. These are event-specific clothes, such as prom dresses or bridesmaid gowns, that you won’t likely wear again. You can resell or donate apparel to give these sentimental items new life!


Clutter can overstimulate your mind and interfere with your rest. Overstimulation is the last thing you need inside your bedroom, so it’s important to declutter the space. Tackle one area at a time and throw away trash or damaged items. You also want to relocate possessions that belong in other areas of your home, including dishware and tools. Work to create a soothing space that only houses your necessities.

Storage Area

Storage areas accumulate clutter because they hold items you don’t need daily. With an “out of sight, out of mind” mindset, it’s easy to throw anything into “storage.” However, when it’s time to retrieve certain items, you’ll encounter a room with too many boxes or unnecessary trinkets. Remove things you no longer want every few months and make room for necessary items. This measure makes your storage area functional and simple to navigate.

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