5 Decorating Tips for Every Room

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Creating the room of your dreams is already tough, and doing it on a budget is even tougher. Is it any wonder that do-it-yourself has become the new way to go to make any room a stylish wonderland that any penny-pincher can create? The rise of Pinterest and other online DIY sources have made it easy to teach yourself crafting, even if you’re the owner of two left thumbs. Here are our best ideas for decorating five different kinds of rooms, with some craft and DIY-friendly features thrown in!

Basking in the Bedroom

Does using DIY craft in your bedroom make you feel a bit like a teenage girl? It doesn’t have to! There are many budget-friendly ways to make your bedroom look better, and they don’t have to be child-like. To transform your bed, try making your own headboard from something you love- whether it’s books glued to a backing, or a nice-looking material cut and draped against the wall behind the bed. Our favourite ideas for updating your bedroom include:

  • Try taking older and unused sweaters to create throw pillow covers with a warm, winter twist.
  • Need more storage space? Try revamping some old suitcases (from jumble sales, or grandma’s closet) by painting them a matching colour to your room theme and placing them under a desk or bed. A great place to store shoes and important documents!

Bathroom Bash

Fumbling for toothpaste, towels or clothes can now be a thing of the past with this great tip for your bathroom: put up some simple railings for towels and cloths, and some holders (mason jars are great) for loose tidbits. That’s why you should try your hand at making your own bathroom carpet or rug in an easy and budget-friendly way.

Living it up in the Living Room

There are some great crafts for living rooms, like this stunning coffee table made out of crates and some elbow grease. Here are our top picks:

  • Looking for something to do with all those old photos? Try making an easy backdrop with them to fill up wall space.
  • Try taking old jars and using them as a decoration on a mantel piece by putting tea candles inside and decorating the outside for a funky light source. These jars were modified with scrap lace, twine and some glue!

Keeping up with the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the best places to get crafty, and there are tons of space-saving ideas that you could make in your own home. Apart from taking a tool organiser board and using it for your pots and pans, you could:

  • Organise your spices and get rid of millions of bottles. By using a magnetic backing and some cute containers, spices can go from drawer-filler to pretty and practical wall piece!
  • Use some cork board cut to size, and you can place small hooks inside your cabinets for extra handy storage space. This is great for measuring cups, wooden spoons, spatulas and any other utensils you usually have to root around for in drawers.

Dining Room Deals

Gone are the days of old where dining rooms were stuffy experiences, with DIY and bright colours coming out on top. An old dining room set can easily be updated with a bright pop of colour, like these repainted dining room chairs. Other ways to get crafty include:

  • Try your hand at making your own stylish placemats, no sewing needed! What’s better is you can choose any shape, pattern or colour and size that suits your needs. If this isn’t an easy hack, we don’t know what is!
  • Crafts don’t have to be smaller jobs, and there is no reason why your dining room table needs to be left out of the fun. If you’re dining room table is older, or a little worn, don’t be scared to customise it and bring it some new life, like painting the legs or changing the surface.

All your rooms, updated and more stylish, for less of your buck. DIY is the way to go for décor lovers!

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