Fun and Easy Kids Room Design Ideas

Everyone wants to change up the look of their space now and again. This is true at any age! So, it may be time to give your child’s bedroom an overhaul. Whether they have a new hobby or are just growing up…. re-vamping their bedroom is a must. It can help your child express their personality, get creative, and have fun. A new look doesn’t have to be costly, especially if you keep yourself in check by using one of those free budget calculators that are typically available online. These fun and easy DIY craft ideas will give them the bedroom of their dreams – on a budget.

Paint It

mother daughter painting wall

There are so many ways to alter the appearance of a child’s bedroom. One of the simplest is paint. It is also the most affordable way to spruce up space. Rather than change the color of their bedroom walls, why not make it a do it yourself project? You can paint a mural on one wall (with the help of your little one), add on polka dots, create a geometric print, or make an artwork to hang up. You can get as creative as you like with it. Incorporate their favorite colors and find ways to highlight their interests. Both you and your child will love the finished result!


striped blue and white kids room with shelves

Still, looking for a fun and easy DIY craft idea? Get creative with shelving. No one said shelves had to be plain and simple. Give them a little wow factor instead. You can turn almost anything into a statement shelf. Transform a skateboard into a bookshelf (complete with wheels!), use boxes or milk crates to hold their odds and ends, or add on building blocks for a pop of color.

Light it up!

kids room with tent and lights

It’s not just shelving that you can turn into a design project. You can also have fun with lighting. There is something satisfying about creating something all on your own. So skip a trip to the hardware store. Instead, think outside of the box. Build a wooden birdhouse and pop a light inside. Or stencil a plain lampshade with some flowers, lightning bolts, or zigzags. You could even put a light in a mason jar, drape the ceiling in tulle and fairy lights, or make paper lanterns. When it comes to design, you can do just about anything! Talk to your child and get a sense of what they do and do not like. This will help you come up with some stunning lighting features that will help improve the décor of their bedroom.


white kids room with workspace

Another exciting do it yourself project is creating a workspace. As your child continues to grow, they will need a spot to do their homework, write, draw, and be creative. Make it special! Build a mushroom stool using a wooden stump and a homemade pillow, paint an old table or give them a place to store their important items. Add on details like a DIY pencil holder (using an old cup covered in colored paper) or a fun chalkboard wall.

Final Words

Every child needs a space that is all their own. It is an important part of their growth and development. Thankfully, there are many different ways to change the design and décor of a child’s bedroom. All it takes is some creativity and a little do it yourself know-how.

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