There were times when the kid’s room was not that difficult to decorate. They would sell them as a whole and you had little worry about it. There was that time when the theme of the room was a must-have and that put a lot of parents through a lot of suffering while they were trying to find out what the ‘batman chair’ was or something like that.

However, while quite challenging, decorating a kid’s room is a lot of fun and it is a certain way of showing that you care.

One of the most important things that you need to do when doing this loving task is to choose the right color. Here are some of the best kid’s room colors according to the experts and experienced parents.


kids room color pink

If there is one color that is identified as a girly color, then it has to be pink. This is just perfect for little girls as they truly love it. It combines well with white, silver, and sparkly details. While it is nice for little girls, combining it with some bolder options as black and gray can make it a perfect environment for a teen girl who is growing up. Not to mention that it is a color that comes in many, many shades and it is easy to obtain.


kids room color blue

“Pink is for girls and blue is for boys.” This doesn’t have to be true, of course, but blue can have some amazing effects. First of all, it is a soothing color and when combined with white details, it is perfect for a room for your new baby. It provides the kid with much-needed rest and sleeps while vivid details and furniture in the room can make it enticing as well, which is important for kid’s health.


kids room color red

This is an effective but tricky one. Red can be too intense, which means that it will not create a welcoming environment and it will definitely make your kid lack rest and soothing effect that their room just has to have. Therefore, stay away from bright and intense shades. However, choosing darker shades and combining it with mild yellow or even gray will tone it down and create a warm feeling in a room, which is an excellent move and a perfect choice for both boys and girls that are growing up and don’t want to be pink or blue anymore.


kids room color yellow

According to some of the psychology studies, yellow should entice intellectual abilities, improve concentration, and activate the mind. Therefore, having yellow in your kid’s room would make a great choice, especially if your kid is starting school. Younger kids also love this cheerful and bright color. However, just like with all the other colors, avoid the bold and intense shades on large surfaces and tone it down a bit.


kids room color orange

Both boys and girls love orange as its ‘orientation’ depends on the colors that you combine it with. It is bright and cheerful, just like yellow, but a bit richer and with a bit more grateful shades to use. If you want a bright shade, tone it down using black or gray, or black and gray together. IT will make a very interesting combination that any child will like.

As you can see, the most important thing is how you combine the colors that you use for kid’s room. Also, if your kid is not a toddler or a baby, include them into decision making about the room of their color. In that way, you will have help, some quality time together and a lot of fun!

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