Feng Shui your Home on a Low Budget

Mastering the art of Feng Shui is not a piece of cake, and unless you understand which elements are important for your home in order to channel maximum energy into every aspect of your life, you will not feel the change Feng Shui can bring about.

The best thing about Feng Shui is that once you understand the core mechanics and how you can channel the right energies to affect your life, you will not need a big budget to do so. In fact, you can organize elements even in a low budget so that you can make your home feel more welcoming and filled with positive and prospering energy.

 The Entryway

welcoming entryway

It is important to create a welcoming entryway that will overflow with positive energy; moreover, it is best if you create an eye-catching entrance so that change can come into your life too. By including items that are pleasing to the eye and pieces of art which will brighten up the entrance you will also brighten up your life. A low budget solution is to add plants, especially evergreens which are green throughout the whole year.

However, try to avoid piling up trash and other debris near the entrance as it will only generate negative energy and the entryway will seem uninviting and unpleasant.

The Kitchen

modern kitchen

For a good kitchen to be able to channel energy properly it is important to see the entrance, you can achieve this by either installing the elements to face the door while you are cooking or just by simply hanging a small inexpensive mirror. Furthermore, it is important to keep your drawers and cabinets and other appliances clean.

When changing lighting, it is important to go for long-lasting and eco-friendly lights, as well as warmer lights as they will make your food seem more appealing and pleasing. The good thing about eco-friendly lights are that they are cheaper and last longer.

The Living Room

pleasant living room

For a pleasant living room, it is imperative to use comfortable furniture, when buying new ones, look for comfort and use rather than for design. Also, it is important to hide any electrical appliances in cabinets so that the room looks inviting and pleasant.

By using rugs, you can create small zones within your room, which can be used to further channel energies so that you can harness them properly. Moreover, rugs and carpets are great accessories for any living room, as they can make any room seem warmer and more pleasant. Furthermore, by combining different shapes and sizes, you can create interesting designs and create a path for energy to be channeled in.

The Bedroom

Perhaps one of the expensive rooms to Feng Shui, but do not worry, as even with a low budget you can create marvels. It is important to align your bed with the flow of energy coming from the door, so place your bed opposite of the door. Headboards are welcome, and the good thing about them is that you can find them cheaply if they are made from wood or leather.

Decoration in a bedroom should be simple but effective. Romantic imagery, usually objects grouped in pairs will give the room a warm and welcoming effect. The minimalistic d├ęcor in your bedroom should allow energy to flow freely and not to be obstructed by anything. Moreover, you should focus on how to create harmony when bringing in new objects and not on the price tag. In most cases, a low budget will allow you to pick something with more meaning and importance for your bedroom.

Feng Shui Improvements

By just adding a few objects you can immediately improve the flow of energy and you can channel it so that you will be more successful in life. Even if you have a low budget it does not mean that you will have to suffer; the idea is to find the elements which channel the energy and not on the size or price of the source.

In most cases though, less is more is very accurate. Once you understand how, you will see your home as a focal point of energies waiting to be harnessed for a more successful life.

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