Decorating Tips for Your Home Exterior

The outside of your home is the first impression the world and your guests get of your home. Remember, first impressions are most important! So what does the front of your home say to the world? If it is not inviting and an expression of you, then here are some quick tips to give your home special curb appeal.

Front Door

Check your front door for peeling paint and cracks. How is the color? Is it faded? A new coat of paint is inexpensive and can instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. If you are looking for a serious upgrade, have professionals replace your doors for you. Try painting a fresh new vibrant color, such as red, to really impress. Add a special and attractive new knocker to your front door to add extra style and elegance.

Welcome Mats

front door mat

Invest in a large welcoming mat that is inviting and distinctive. You will add instant warmth without spending much money.


Containers of beautiful flowers will add instant charm to your front entrance. You can find all kinds of beautiful pottery to display beautiful and vibrant blooming flowers in. Have flowers on both sides of your front steps to greet visitors in a fragrant and colorful way.


If you have a freestanding mailbox, inspect it for wear and tear from weather and termites. Give it a new coat of paint, or if you can afford it, have a new one installed. There are a multitude of mailboxes these days, so shop around and find just the right one to give distinctive flair to your home.


Keep lawns mowed and water. This is easily the one area that visitors will notice immediately. Invest in some fertilizer and a lawnmower. The rewards of a well-kept lawn will be well worth your investment. No time for gardening? A local neighborhood teen will probably appreciate the job!

Address Numbers

Inexpensive but adds style to your home, address numbers that are easy to see and elegant also are good for emergency vehicles and the pizza man!

Decorative Benches

If you have a big shady tree in your front lawn, or a peaceful fountain, consider placing a decorative park bench or other attractive seating to invite tired visitors to relax a bit and enjoy the outdoors.

Clean Sweep

Keep your front porch, steps, and walkways cleared of odds and ends. Loose papers, flyers left on your door, miscellaneous debris should be swept and picked up every day. Keep paths inviting for guests as they approach your home.


Ah…does your driveway have oil spills and stains all over? Head to your nearest home improvement store and buy some driveway cleaner. There are several different types available with different application techniques, so ask your friendly salesperson for advice.

Remember, you get one chance to make that first impression. Some inexpensive purchases and a little bit of time can add up to extra charm and curb appeal for your home.

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