How to Choose Area Rug

Believe it or not, one of the most important yet for some reason widely neglected elements of interior designing is rugs. Similar to walls, rugs set the tone of the room and give it a desirable vibe. Choosing the right rug will give your space just the idea you were going for and maybe even make it more charming than intended (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

You should know though that picking out an area rug that is just right for your space is a tricky business. It’s one of those elements of a space that either make or break the room, and in the case of rugs – either finish it to perfection or make it feel unfinished, awkward and distasteful.

Another reason to be careful when choosing a rug is the fact that they can be really expensive, so opting for the wrong one isn’t the smartest of ideas.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to choosing a perfect area rug, there are three main elements I’d be happy to advise you on – color, shape, size.

hardwood floor with area rug


Nothing is a better starting point than color. Colors and patterns set the tone of the entire room and you want to be smart when deciding on the design and color of the rug. Usually, the best thing to do is to go or opposites. For instance, if your room is load in patterns and colors choose a rug in a rather neutral shade or a color that matches one of the colors present in your ambiance. That way you best achieve visual cohesion of the space.

If, however, you are starting your designing from scratch and there’s nothing to disturb your initial idea, then maybe start with the rug and furniture first, that is with picking them out first. Once you know what colors you want to go with for these basic pieces, it will be easier to coordinate wall paint/wallpapers/wall stickers and accessories afterward.

Don’t hesitate to go with statement colors and patterns on your rugs. As mentioned before, they are a really powerful interior element so you can accomplish much by opting for an interesting choice.


The shape of a carpet or a rug plays a pretty important role, especially if you’ve got an open floor plan on your hands. And, even if you don’t – you want to choose a shape that’s matching the shape of the room you are decorating.

The most common shapes are round, rectangular, and square. Other shapes are also available yet they are much more expensive and are usually custom-made.

A round or rectangular rug shape goes great with rectangular rooms while a square one is a good option for almost any room shape. As for choosing the area rug, you want to follow the shape of whatever will be floating over the rug. For instance, if you are buying an area rug for a rectangular coffee table, go with a rectangular shaped rug, etc.

The texture of a rug is somewhat important, too. You should think riches when choosing a rug, especially for the overall feel of the space you are decorating. When a room features various different textures, it gives it a rich and layered feel. You should also think about the practicality about cleaning the rug.


Naturally, the size of the room is the first parameter indicating the size of a rug you should get.

The size of your seating area should have a fitted rug underneath. It should also be as large as possible within it. If possible, look for an area rug that will hold all the furniture. If that’s not an option, then front-legs-only is a good and common compromise. The point is to buy a rug where your feet are on fabric, not floor all while you are sitting on the sofa. As for a dining table, the chairs should be still sitting on the rug when you pull them back.

If you are a fan of vintage rooms, you should know that a vintage-styled room would always have the entire floor covered in a rug, regardless of furniture areas. So, if that’s your thing – go for it!

Interior decorating is a dream job for anyone with a sense of style and taste. And, with a little help that comes in designing tips – you can basically do anything you imagine! I hope our rug advice was helpful!

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