5 Tips on How to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

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If you’re a property owner who remembers the snow and ice from last year, you are probably thinking about how you can protect your roof this year. Roof damage is a nightmare for any homeowner, and all the weight of winter snow, ice and thawed snow can cause serious issues.

Roof Inspection

Before the winter settles upon you, the roof should be checked for deterioration and damage. Small damage like cracked shingles or damaged flashing can turn into major roof emergencies during a long winter. Along with inspecting the exterior of the roof, check the attic for leaks and cracks too. A wet spot in your attic means there’s a leak and possible damage elsewhere. Checking your attic is a great way to double check you didn’t miss any leaks on the roof.

Gutter Clearing

A clogged gutter can cause serious damage to the roofline due to ice dams. An ice dam is when the snow starts to melt on the roof due to inadequate insulation in the attic of a home. The roof becomes heated yet the air outside isn’t warm enough for melting. The water flows towards the gutters where it refreezes. With a clogged gutter, that water can’t flow away from the home, and it freezes on the roof line. To stay on the safe side, consider hiring professionals to ensure your gutters and properly cleaned and repaired for winter.

Attic Insulation

Ice dams are very dangerous to your roof. They cause all kinds of problems to the structure of the roof since ice dams are heavier than snow. Along with insulating the attic, you can turn down the heat in the upper reaches of the home. Make sure that the exhaust and vent pipes have adequate sealants, so that warm air doesn’t escape and melt the snow on the roof.

Trim Branches

When tree limbs are hanging over the roof, they can fall when burdened with snow and ice. If the tree is incredibly close to the home, the entire tree or any brittle, diseased branches can break and smash into the roof. To avoid this happening during a harsh winter storm, you should trim any trees that are close to the home. If a tree looks as if it’s dead, remove it from the yard before winter to avoid it falling on the home.

Have the Right Tools

It’s always best to remove heavy snow from the roof if possible. Slanted roofs usually allow moisture to slide down to the gutters, but snow can accumulate during storms. You should purchase tools like a roof rake to pull the snow down off the roof. While you might not always need to worry about snow building up on the roof, after a heavy snowstorm, it can get incredibly dense. A roof rake will let you pull the snow off the roof so it doesn’t create any damage.


These tips will keep your roof from preventable damage like ice dams and tree branches. Make sure your property is ready for the first snowfall this year by insulating the attic and buying the right tools for snow removal and branch trimming.

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