For gutters to fulfill their purpose, roofs and downhill descents must be completely cleared of leaves and debris. Due to the excessive foliage and dangerous weather conditions that winter brings, it is a considerably more destructive period for your gutters. Professional cleaning of gutters is always recommended, especially in winter. However, there are ways to avoid the need for excessive gutter cleaning services.

 Below are our seven top tips for gutter maintenance, as well as preventative methods to ensure that your gutters are preserved and that the need for a gutter cleaning service is minimized.

1. Don’t Let Gutter Problem Escalate

Our recommended periods for routine gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services are always after the fall and winter; this is due to increased debris, bad weather, and other hazards that may affect the structural integrity of your property. However, if you notice a problem at any time, it is essential to solving it quickly, since the seasonal conditions of autumn and winter will only aggravate the existing problems that you already have.

2. Rake Up Leaves

A thick layer of leaves on the soil surface of your commercial land is not only unsightly but also damaging. When the leaves begin to decompose, they can invite pests and diseases. In addition, the leaves can be carried by the wind and lodge in your gutters, causing blockages that, if not monitored, can produce rot on the structure of your commercial property. This hurdle can cause future maintenance of the gutter more difficult and expensive.

3. Install Gutter Guards

A Gutter Protection system can keep leaves, trash and debris out of your gutters, and strengthen your entire gutter system so that it works properly. Gutter Guards are installed with internal hidden hangers every 12 inches to hold up to the heavy loads of snow and ice. This will ensure your gutters stay strong all winter long and you’ll not face any kind of difficulty in the future.

4. Clear The Roof From Existing Debris

The gutters are mainly filled with roof debris that washes up in the rain or makes it fall over time by gravity. However, if you’re not sure what to do if your roof is slippery, has steep slopes, or if you live in a multi-story house, we highly recommend hiring professional roofing restoration contractors to get the job done the first time. They will be happy to show you what they do, how they do it, and how to stay safe, so you can do a DIY job next time.

5. Test Downspouts

If your gutter systems can be easily accessed, or if you are qualified to work at heights, testing your descents is a good way to determine the level of maintenance required on your gutters during the winter period. After inspecting the amount of foliage and debris, use a garden hose to determine if the downspouts are clogged. If that is the case, there will be an immediate backlog of water. Therefore, it is necessary to slowly release water into the gutters as this extra water could contribute more to any damage that the gutters may already have.

If the water flows freely into the drains and no leaves or debris faints, your gutters do not clog. It is always best to contact a professional cleaning and maintenance of gutters, especially if you are not sure, and certainly if it is dangerous to inspect the gutter systems yourself.

6. Book Your Gutter Maintenance Services In Advance

Gutter maintenance should always be done during the day and, therefore, with reduced daylight hours, winter becomes an extremely busy time for gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services. Booking your gutter maintenance services in advance, even before you have identified a problem, is a sure way to ensure that all problems can be avoided, identified, or resolved before they get worse.

While it is possible to conduct a gutter maintenance inspection during normal working hours, it is best to book gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning services during quiet periods on-site, as this will reduce the health and safety risks to those working underneath.

7. Keep An Eye On Weather Condition

As winter approaches, heavy showers and cold weather can expose areas to gutter problems. Blocked gutters allow puddles to accumulate, which in turn can freeze. The freezing process causes the gutters to expand and retract, which affects the integrity of the gutters. This generates cracks, allowing water to access your commercial property, potentially damaging its structure. In addition, increasing wind pressure during the winter can potentially loosen gutter devices, creating a danger not only to the structure of the building but also to people at ground level.


Our National Gutter Maintenance, Gutter Repairing, and regular Gutter Cleansing are second to none. Gutter Maintenance can be a hassle so we have to be very careful and attentive. You can contact us or visit our website for any further details. We are here to help you if you find any kind of problem.

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