How To Put Siding On A House

Learning how to install siding on a house is something best left for the pros.

There are a lot of siding professionals out there. There are also a lot of nonprofessionals who can nonetheless do an expert and professional-looking job when it comes to putting siding on a house.

If you’re not in either of those two categories, then it’s best to let the professionals handle this complex and intricate task.

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In fact, even if you consider yourself a nonprofessional expert, you might pause here to consider whether you really want to tackle this particular home improvement job.

Why? Well, there are many things that go into installing siding on a house. These things include procuring the proper materials; making sure your work adheres to local laws and regulations; ensuring that the work conforms to federal, state, and local health and safety protocols, worker safety procedures (if you have a crew of nonprofessionals to help you); and so much more.

One need not look far to find primers on “how to put siding on a house” or “how to install siding on a house.” The problem is not a lack of available information, necessarily; it’s a lack of expertise and knowledge (i.e., wisdom) regarding how to apply the knowledge you gain in your research.

In other words, this is not for beginners. You need to make sure that not only are you protected but your house is as well. After all, that’s the whole reason you’re installing siding (or re-siding) your home in the first place, yes?

What Goes Into A Siding Project?

We spoke with the experienced siding experts at Joseph Ketner Construction in Portland, Oregon, for some insight into the question of how to put siding on a house. It may come as no surprise to learn that, like most experts in a particular field, the pros at JKC say there is more to understanding an intricate process than what you’ll find doing online research.

For example, one must be familiar with the different strengths and weaknesses of available siding materials. Some of the most common siding materials include aluminum, brick, stone veneer, wood, fiber cement, and vinyl. Each has its pros and cons, and each has a different cost factor. 

Furthermore, the cost factor is affected by the durability of the specific siding material. Some materials last longer than others. Of course, any claim about a siding material’s longevity is ultimately affected by the climate in which the home or building to which it is affixed is located.

As HomeAdvisor reports siding can cost anywhere from $5,000 up to more than $14,000 (depending on materials and costs of installation). Aluminum usually costs less than brick, for example. A more common siding material, such as vinyl, usually costs somewhere in between.

Siding Budget Breakdown

The next thing you’ll want to consider when learning how to put siding on a house: the siding budget breakdown. The things you’ll need to consider in addition to siding costs:

  • Cost and planning for removal of existing siding
  • Incorporation of features (finishing strips, outlets, vents, lighting fixtures, j-channels, shutters, and other items) 
  • Permits
  • Inspections

How to Install Siding

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Photo credit: Joseph Ketner Construction

Now that you’ve read this far, you should be familiar with the warnings and cautionary advice we’ve relayed throughout this piece. Thus, we’re not going to link to any of the “how to put siding on a house” or “how to install siding on a house” videos that are all over the internet. We’re not in a position to verify every video that’s out there, and to attempt to do so is way beyond the scope of this blog post.

Instead, we’re going to provide only the broadest of outlines, some of which will include material we’ve included above (types of siding, budgets, etc.). And while doing so, we’ll continue to hammer home the idea that this type of work should be done by a professional siding contractor.

Finally, we’re listing this information for the curious reader. It will go into little detail on the work that a professional contractor would typically do on a full-house re-siding project. In other words, this is not — and is not intended to be — a step-by-step guide for installing siding on a home. That would be a very long post, indeed, and not terribly helpful, unfortunately.

If you are going to put together a plan using online resources, make sure you visit the websites of reputable home improvement companies. Better yet, go inside one of these stores and ask the experts who work there.

And so without further ado, here’s an outline that shows the main contours of installing siding on a house.

Siding Installation Outline

First, decide which siding material you want on the home. Discuss this at length with your contractor. They know best what would work with your personal style, the style of your home, and the climate in which the home is located. Gather as much of this material as will be necessary for the square footage of your home.

Next, get a permit. (Your contractor will handle this portion — another reason not to do it yourself.)

Third, gather your tools and your work crews and begin to either install the new material over your existing walls or tearing out the old siding installation. You’ll need to be aware of the issue of expansion and contraction.

Not sure which tools to use? Hire a contractor, instead. But for the curious: Some tools which will be essential to this project include folding rulers, pliers, squares, levels, screwdrivers, hammers (claw hammers, too!), power saws, hand saws, utility knives, tin snips, nail punch, and more. You’ll also need safety equipment, including ladders, protective eyewear, gloves, and thick work clothing.

Those are the broad — the broadest, really — outlines of how to put siding on a house. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavor and hope this project brings you one step closer to the home of your dreams.


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