07 Best Places to Use Air & Surface Purifiers to Kill 99.9% Bacteria

How Air Purifiers Help Eliminate Bacteria in Indoor Environments

The world we live in used to be a safe place for us from all aspects. With a little attention and focus towards our environment and diet, we were able to maintain our health quite well. Today, that has become more difficult. Both indoor and outdoor pollution are negatively impacting our health. Indoor pollution refers to bacteria and viruses that exist in the air around us causing infections, allergies, and other respiratory diseases. The home is supposed to be a safe haven, and air disinfectant allows you to achieve that goal.  Filtering out the pollutants that contaminate the air you breathe is what an air purifier does.

It is impossible to eliminate all of these microscopic organisms thoroughly by sanitizing or cleaning thoroughly, but air purifiers with the latest OH radical technology can be used to reduce the number of bacteria not only by removing but also by destroying them. An effective way to maintain the air quality index in your house (a measure of air quality) is with a portable, lightweight air purifier device.  Now, if you have already invested in or plan to do so, let us talk about where and why to place it.

07 Ideal Placements for Air Purifiers to Work Efficiently

Well-placed air disinfectants perform better. The location in which the device is placed has a huge impact on its efficiency.

  1. To begin with, check if your air purifier is portable or wall-mounted. If the air purifier is portable, it can be placed wherever is convenient, but if it’s mounted on a wall, the position must be adjusted accordingly. Make sure you place your air purifier in an area you use the most, whether that’s in your kitchen or in your pet’s room.
  2. You should focus on mold, grease, and smoke. A wall or room with this constant complaint should be equipped with an air purifier so it can be resolved, before it turns into an issue in other rooms. Air purifiers remove all bacteria from the air and prevent their spread throughout the house.
  3. Ensure that the air purifier is adequately ventilated. Ideally, it should be kept in an area where there is a vertical or horizontal flow of air that passes through the air purifier, so that it works efficiently.
  4. Make sure you don’t conceal your air purifier. Placing the air purifier under a table, behind a vase, or above cabinets means hiding it. This will affect the efficiency of your air purifier. Due to increased levels of humidity near the shower, it will get moldy over time, but as long as it is placed on the drawer outside the bathroom, it will be fine.
  5. It is recommended that you keep your air purifier at least 5 feet away from other electronic devices. Make sure they are kept at a safe distance.
  6. Using your five senses is another way to determine where to place the air purifier. Place an air purifier in any room of your house where you frequently see smoke or smell something, or leave a room with sore throats and teary eyes.
  7. Be sure to consider the size of your room and the purifier. The performance of an air purifier is greatly affected by how large the area it is expected to clean and disinfect is.

How Portable Air Purifiers Are Effective for Every Room Size?

Now that we’ve covered the 7 most effective spots to place your air purifier, here’s another way to make your air purifier work even better.

Reposition it

Since your air purifier is portable and lightweight, why are you keeping it in one place?

You can rotate it around the house to improve the air quality in each room.

One of the most prominent features of a portable air purifier is that you can carry it with ease. 

Make sure to keep your humidifier and air purifier away from each other in the same room. When used alone, an air purifier provides effective air sanitization.

Wrapping Up

When indoor air quality is so bad and we are exposed to so much pollution each day, air purifiers make a huge difference. It leads to respiratory diseases and other infections because of the presence of bacteria and viruses in the air. It helps to place an air purifier at the doorway or on a table in the corridor if you have a patient who has an infection that can be spread through air-borne microorganisms.

The correct location of an air purifier is also crucial after purchasing one. Air disinfectants perform well when placed well. However, if the air disinfectant is placed behind the TV or any other awkward position, its effectiveness might suffer by 50%. If you second guess the air purifier investment you made, you might as well place it at the wrong location. Just do a little research and see if the positioning for your air purifier can be improved and then analyze the results.

There will be a significant improvement in the air quality around your home. One step closer to a healthy lifestyle is buying an air purifier and placing it correctly.

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