10 Breathtaking Chandeliers to Embellish Your Home Décor

Our home décor speaks a lot about ourselves. It reflects our personality and lifestyle. Some people like to keep things minimal, and some like to portray their extravagant lifestyle by decorating their homes with grand artifacts. Everyone tries to get the best for their homes.

When it comes to home décor, chandeliers are must-haves for you, doesn’t matter if you are a minimalist or maximalist. They are the epitome of décor, and you cannot miss having one at your place. These decorative ceiling lightings are of many types, from crystal ceiling chandeliers, predominantly Bohemian, and are dressed with leaded crystal trimmings with the most exclusive ranges having Swarovski crystals through to some very contemporary designer lighting suitable for modern homes.

crystal chandelier

Here are 10 astonishing chandeliers you should go for to add an aesthetic and luxurious look to your home.

1. Bag Chandeliers:

These beautiful petite baskets of light with crystal trimmings and metalwork have a royal look. Their compact size makes them perfect for areas with low ceilings. The metal coating prevents them from rusting and gives them long-lasting durability. No one can ignore these crystal baskets, so you can hang them in your living room or central passage of your home and be ready for all the compliments on your way!

2. Spider Web Chandeliers:

These unique “spider web” style chandeliers are a perfect blend of traditional values and a contemporary look to enhance the beauty of your home. They would provide an aesthetic look to your home. Crystals attached to these chandeliers add glamour through the lighting design. They have a low overall height making them suitable to roofs where ceiling height is restricted. The crystals trimmings used in these chandeliers vary in colours from topaz, alexandrite, to sapphire, black, olivine, rosaline (pink) and ruby red. These colours to produce a spectacle of coloured “bling” in your home. These are a definite center of attraction for your hallways!

3. Drum Chandeliers: 

versatility in their designs make them an ideal pick for all types of décor arrangements, be it contemporary, modern, ultra-modern, or a combination of both. The utter decorative drama and illumination that these chandeliers would present would leave you awestruck. They are suitable for your dining room well as the central passage of your property. Set the perfect tempo for the interiors of your home with these drum chandeliers.

4. Basket Chandeliers:

they are the most elegant decorative lights with cascading chains of crystals, mainly SPECTRA® Swarovski® embedded in architectural history with its classic appearance often seen in palaces, state buildings, and places of worship. These are available in small and large sizes. These are suitable for people who want to give a classic traditional touch to their homes. Pro tip: look for genuine Bohemian crystals basket chandeliers while purchasing one!

5. Stairwell Chandeliers:

they are generally made with numerous cascading chains, branches, and crystal droplets that add aesthetic beauty to the stairways of your home. Brighten up your space in your stairway with beautiful Stairwell Chandeliers. These are the perfect choice for ones looking for a long chandelier for the stairwell or have an exceptionally high ceiling; then this range of high drop chandeliers will enable you to have a light with style. Contemporary models come in a vast variety of materials and colors for modern homes. From a sleek, stylish chrome chandelier with a colored glass one to a chandelier with smaller colored shades, there are a lot of options to choose from.  

6. Glass Arms Chandeliers:

these traditional fines ceiling lights with glass arms make a marvelous centerpiece for a long dining room with an annex or a hallway leading into the stairway. These traditional pendant lights are trimmed with fine Bohemian trimmings to exhibit a high degree of sparkle. You can get their arms customized according to your requirements. The diameter corresponding to the arms varies with increase or decrease in their number. These chandeliers can be used individually and as a family of matching crystal lights. Just stick to a particular design theme!

7. Bathroom Chandeliers:

Now, you can also add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your bathrooms. The bold and stylish look of these chandeliers would give a contemporary look to your bathroom. These chandeliers blend with already present light fixtures of any bathroom and add a dash of illumination to the surroundings. For durability in wet areas, these chandeliers generally have IP44 certification. With crystal finishing and chrome finish, bathroom chandeliers are the true persona of elegance and class. Pro tip: go for a fountain-style chandelier that not only lights up the whole area but would also give the space a new, artistic dimension.

8. Waterfall Style Chandeliers:

This exquisite decorative light is symbolic of a lantern when the silhouette is viewed with a unique central feature cased in crystals. The design combines a contemporary look with the traditional values associated with crystal. A genuine Bohemian crystal chandelier designed with a cascading waterfall style provides a flowing elegance to any property. These chandeliers are designed for all sizes, be it a small space like a bathroom or a large hallway. High temperature lacquered metalwork in a nickel plated, or gold colour is used in these chandeliers for bright light illumination.

9. Beaded Chandeliers:

Splendid oval design intertwined with a multitude of STRASS© Swarovski© beads and enhanced with a ring of pendant crystal which hangs from the circumference meant to steal the show! These are beautifully designed with high-quality gold coloured finished metalwork internally illuminated to produce a remarkable effect. The products ornamented with the STRASS© or SPECTRA© trademarked Swarovski Crystals are famous worldwide for their clarity and sparkle. The Spectra crystal has no lead and generates its brilliant appearance through the clarity of the glass, whilst the Strass crystal is a leaded crystal. So, always check for trademarks for authentic chandeliers.

10. Palacial Chandeliers:

These grand jaw-dropping chandeliers can uplift the décor game single-handedly. Crystal Chandeliers were always a part of countless county houses, castles, churches, and palaces. They are grand chandeliers with brass arms decorated with a spectrum of lead crystal trimmings. This style of lighting is dedicated to reflect candlelight and enhance the illumination of otherwise dim rooms. So, if candlelight in the chandelier fascinates you, then these are a perfect fit for you. They add a gentle shower of the sparkling rainbow to the room.

End note

These are some of the best and the most unique chandeliers that will elevate the looks of your house. If you want to add something classy and elegant to your house, these chandeliers would be perfect for you. So go ahead and get your hands on these chandeliers.


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