Moving To Another State Checklist

Moving out might seem a great idea, but it is not as simple as it sounds. People feel tied to their living places if they spend too long time in a house and that can be very troubling. Because it can distract you when you should be focused. Moving to another state is even more complicated because your belongings must be carried to very long distances and their safety is greatly threatened if a good mover isn’t hired.

That’s why to be happy about moving out and have fun while you can. This way the whole long-distance moving process will become a lot smoother for you. Below you can find a checklist that you can follow while you plan to move out.

moving to another state checklist

Reduce the overall weight

When you have to move to another state you would have to carry and everything that belongs to you. The mover looks at the overall weight he has to carry before giving you an estimate. Reducing weight will make transportation a lot cheaper for you. For example, if your stuff is more than a truck can carry, then you’d need another round, but what if you don’t need another round? That’s right because moving and storage companies suggest getting rid of useless stuff because it reduces the weight. This way the cost of transportation will be reduced.

Pack well

If you haven’t gone through the residential moving out process before, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn a few packing tricks. After all, this is how you ensure the safety of your belongings as they are moved to a new state. Since the stuff has to travel a very long way, it must be packed really well to avoid any unforeseen damages. The best way to start is to buy the basic packing stuff for heavy and fragile items and remember to pack them separately. The most commonly used packing stuff is adhesive tape, boxes, plastic sheets, bubble wrap, scissors, Styrofoam, etc.

Mark the boxes

Just imagine that you are packed up and ready to move out, which boxed you’d store at the bottom and which one at the top? Similarly, when your stuff reaches the destination how would you start unpacking? Well, both of these challenges can be taken care of simply by marking the boxes. Since the fragile items have to be handled with care, they must be placed at the top or any other safer place. Marking the boxes is a great idea that tells you immediately if it has a fragile item inside. Likewise, if you mark the boxes, it would be easy to unpack as well. The mark can also tell from which side of the box you should open.

Clean up

It is one of the neglected things when you are moving out, it is probably the last thing that people want to have in mind. You have lived in a place for some time and as a goodwill gesture cleaning up is the perfect way to say thanks and goodbye to the old living place. If you don’t have time to do it, then hiring a professional cleaning service isn’t a bad choice. This way you can stay focused on the moving process and cleaning would be done as you pack.

Pack the precious stuff separately

This is probably one of the most important things while you are still packing. Since you are packing heavy and fragile items separately, it isn’t a bad idea to pack your precious stuff separately. The jewelry, cash, safety locker, watches, and other items of value must be packed separately and kept with you all the time. This is the only way to avoid any kind of damages. It doesn’t mean that your stuff is at risk with the mover, it is just being extra careful because sometimes stuff goes missing as you move out. So, the best way to protect such things is to keep them to yourself.  

Hire the best mover

According to The Heaven World the final and most significant part of your checklist must be hiring the best mover in town. The mover must have experience and should be familiar with the destination. You can ask for estimates and compare the qualities of the movers for hire. Although, money plays a key role while selecting a mover, but don’t always stay too much focused on it. Because if a mover has more experience or has a better vehicle, it ensures the safety of your stuff and paying a few dollars more for it is a fair trade-off.

Moving to a different state can be a nightmare without a reliable mover. The safety of your staff will be constantly at risk if you neglected the hiring criteria. That’s why when you set the rules, make sure to play by them. The points above can help you move out smoothly, but every situation is different so be ready for a few surprises.

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