DIY Ideas for a Pretty Porch

The front and/or back porch is the perfect transitional space from garden to house, making it the ideal space for décor from both sides. For those of us living in the south, porches are an extension of our homes and are utilized as living spaces for three seasons per year so we pretty them up with non-traditional porch décor. Before purchasing a couple of plastic porch chairs and calling it a day, consider some of these DIY ideas for a pretty porch.

Recycle an Old Table

To make a pretty porch functional and comfortable it must have a table and chairs. An old dining room table or coffee table work perfect when paired with a couple of wicker chairs for porch décor. Paint and distress the table if desired or leave as-is to give the porch much needed surface space and give an old indoor table new life outdoors. Old kitchen chairs or small ‘pleather’ chairs that once graced an indoor sitting room can find a new home on a porch. This furniture items can be found at cheap prices at flea markets if you don’t have any of your own.

Soft Seating

Soft seating does not have to be reserved for indoors only, add some seat cushions and throw pillow to porch seating for softness and decorative color. Weather-proof cushions and pillows can be purchased or made for porch chairs to give visitors an invitation to come in and sit a spell. Toss a soft quilt over the back of a chair or porch swing and place a fabric table runner or table cloth on the table(s) to further soften the look and feel.

If you have a large porch, arrange seating into intimate conversation groups. Circle seating around a center table or place two rocking chairs side by side for comfortable outdoor seating that encourages conversation.

Raid the Inside

Raid the inside of your home for decorative objects that will pretty up your porch. An old pitcher or cookie jar with a broken lid can be recycled into flower vases. Add punches of color to table tops with candles, lamps, knick-knacks and bowls of fruit. If it’s colorful and unappreciated indoors, bring it outside to the porch so it can used or admired. Don’t forget to add a checker board and other favorite board games to the porch tables.

Bring the Garden In

Colorful flowers and fresh garden vegetables and fruits will pretty up a porch in a New York minute. A bowl of fresh-picked cherry tomatoes, plate cucumbers, and a basket of blueberries placed on a porch table add a fresh pop of color and encourage healthy eating at the same time. A few containers planted with favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables scattered around on the porch will provide color, fragrance, and food.

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