Do you find that a lot of your evenings are spent in front of the TV? Then why not use your time more productively by doing a DIY job every now and again instead? In this article, find out a number of DIY tasks you can easily do in an evening. 

From decorating a tired old mirror with chalk paint or seashells, getting nifty with the sewing machine by making napkin cushions or even sealing the bath for a fresh new look! There are so many small jobs you can complete in an evening that will add a little touch of beauty to a part of your home. Want to find out more? Here we go…

Decorate a mirror

decorate a mirror

 A fun way to spend an evening is decorating a mirror that needs a bit of TLC. Does your beautiful wooden round mirror need a fresh coat of varnish? This can easily be done after a day’s work! Or why not give an old or dated mirror a colorful coat of chalk paint? Gently rub sanding paper onto it for a distressed look and seal it all in with wax. Or are you handy with a glue gun? Then why not bring a seaside theme to your bathroom? It’s time to repurpose all those shells you’ve brought home over the years and glue them onto your mirror frame! You can do the same with a shabby chic tea cut mirror. Carefully break up prettily decorated teacups and glue the broken parts onto a frame to put in your vintage, country kitchen!

Make homemade scatter cushions

throw pillows

If you are handy with a sewing machine and would like a quick evening task, then why not make your own scatter cushions? Use up old fabric to make different-sized cushions – even really cute small ones if you have a little bit of your favorite fabric leftover!

Or how about using pretty napkins as your fabric instead? They are already cut in the perfect shape for cushions and come in a beautiful selection of fabrics and patterns. In some cases, they will be more economic than buying new fabric! Place the two napkins face to face with the inside pattern on the outside. Pin them together and then hand stitch all around with tacking thread. Leave a hand-sized gap so don’t stitch it up completely. Then use your machine and go over your tacking still leaving that gap open. Remove the tacking, turn the cushion case inside out. Using the gap, fill it up with wadding and then hand stitch the gap up afterwards. Easy!

Install a small wallpaper mural

wallpaper mural

If you want to make a huge difference to your interior design in one evening, install a small wallpaper mural. Spruce up your daughter’s bedroom with a stylish girls wallpaper, a 3D effect mural in a small room to make it look bigger or a vintage floral wallpaper for your romantic bedroom! 

Just make sure your wall is well-primed beforehand and you have allowed the wall to dry. We also recommend having a friend with you to make the process quicker!

Make a terrarium to bring out your green fingers


Have you always wanted to start gardening but wanted a small project to get started? Then why don’t you start your gardening journey by making a terrarium in one evening? And you don’t need to do a huge shopping spree and spend loads to get started. Popular spherical glass containers and ones that look like pyramids look fantastic but you can even use an old glass or repurpose an old jar!

Research into the type of soil your chosen terrarium plants need beforehand and get all your items together before you start planting. Always check if the plants you choose need a filtering system in the soil with pebbles. See if they are used to little or lots of water or need a certain type of temperature and sunlight.

Make your own compost bin 

compost bin

A very quick and easy job to do in an evening is to create your own compost bin. Composting is a great way to support a sustainable lifestyle if you have a garden or just want to reduce waste in your kitchen. Place food scraps, eggshells and used coffee grains into your bin and be happy in the knowledge that you are contributing less to the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills! Use your compost as fertilizer on your plants whether indoors or outdoors. So whether you live in a city apartment or have a huge country home, you can compost.

Hang a picture and get a new view

hang picture

An easy task to do in an evening is hang a picture or two. I think it’s fair to say that many of us have artwork all over our homes that still needs to be put up on the wall! First of all, make sure you have your selected frames at hand or means of hanging your wall art. Then simply hang those pictures! As long as you aren’t hammering into the wall too late at night (we don’t want to upset the neighbors) it’s an easy yet fulfilling task to do in an evening.

If you want to create a gallery wall, always layout your arranged artwork on the floor beforehand. Take photos of different layouts and then decide which is your favorite. Before you begin hammering them in, cut out stencils of each frame and stick these pieces of paper onto the wall in the way you want them to look. Then nail in a frame at a time!

Reseal your bath for a fresh, new look 

bathroom sink

There is nothing more satisfying or easy than resealing your bath. A job that can easily be done in an evening, this task will make all the difference to the look of your bathroom. It’s basically a mini makeover for this room that gets used so much! 

First of all, carefully remove all the old sealer with a craft knife. Wipe the surfaces clean then use a bathroom sealer to fill in the gaps and edges. Always have a damp cloth at hand to wipe away any messes.

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