How Digital Business Cards Can Help Realtors

In a little while, hard copies of documents will be gone. Eventually, we will all turn into paperless transactions. Why? Because technology and digitalization are here to stay. Today, almost everything has been digitized- from books, bills, personnel files, work memos, and even government records.

Every industry has leveraged and inculcated digitalization in its ways of working. Sales and Marketing have ventured into using digital tools to reach their target markets. Project managers, engineers, and contractors have maximized digital photos and programs to plan and simulate their buildings in the construction industry. Other enterprises and organizations have adopted digital technologies in their internal and external operations.

One way of shifting to digitalization for the real estate industry is by using digital business cards. Instead of the typical business cards, virtual business cards for realtors are designed to be distributed to their potential clients. It has given them more benefits compared to paper business cards.

Here are how digital business cards can be an effective tool for realtors.

It helps you attract more leads.

Realtors’ digital business cards can help grow their network faster and more efficiently. Once a real estate agent shares his card with a potential client, he can easily connect and make follow-ups since you have a digital record with whom you have shared your card.

Those who received and kept the realtor’s card are most likely open to hearing from them again. Realtors can focus their efforts on these people, as closed sales are most likely to happen.

It makes getting referrals easier.

Digital cards are easier to share, thus increasing the real estate agent’s chance of being referred. Unlike the traditional business cards wherein a person needs to keep the card with them anywhere before they can share the details with their friends, digital business cards can be passed to anyone with just a click.

It builds personal branding.

Digital business cards can make realtors stand out from the rest. It’s because the digital business card may contain the realtor’s portfolio like his picture, website, social media accounts, calendar listing, customer feedback, and more. He can even link a video of a walkthrough of his available and sold properties or a pdf file of real estate trends. Through this, potential clients can easily recall the agent and improve the chances of being associated with real estate properties. It gives the realtor both a competitive advantage and a strong online presence.

It may link to other applications and programs.

Realtors can maximize their digital business cards by linking them to other applications and programs. If their company has a CRM system or an email marketing tool, then data about the card recipient can be connected to these programs, making the workflow smooth and more efficient.

Aside from the advantages listed above, here are other benefits that a digital business card offers.

It is cost-efficient.

Using a digital business card saves money as the user does not need to request regular printing of paper cards. A realtor can give out as many digital cards as he wishes to without worrying about how many pieces he still has left because of the unlimited supply.

Aside from that, using a digital card makes it easy to update data. There will be no wasted resources, like throwing out obsolete paper business cards. If there is a typo error or a change in details, updating the data can be done easily, and card recipients will be notified of the new information.

It is environmentally friendly.

An estimated 27 million business cards are printed each day, yet 88% get thrown away in less than a week. Imagine the amount of paper that was wasted! And 63% of people surveyed said that they throw away a business card because they do not require the services at that point.

With digital business cards, it is easy for card recipients to keep your card even if they think that they do not need your services at the moment. No trees are harmed and wasted, and no inks that can pollute water systems are also used.

It keeps data secured.

 Hackers may use a printed business card lying around anywhere for a data breach because of the information it contains. With digital business cards, realtors may encrypt or secure them to ensure that data will not be used in the wrong way.

It makes you stand out.

Digital business cards give real estate agents a professional first impression. Since not everyone is using digital business cards yet, realtors can easily impress their clients with this tool. It also gives good light for the company.

In conclusion

As a realtor, leverage the benefits that technology can offer for you and your work. Use digital business cards to reap the advantages it provides. Stand out from the rest and get more clients with digital business cards.

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