10 Garage Storage Ideas to Add Charm to Your Garage. #10 is wut?!

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If there’s one part of the house that has tendency to become messy, it’s the garage.  One reason for this is the fact that we don’t put too much attention to it. Also, our garage tends to become an extension of our storage room. In the long run as the storage capacity becomes scarce, the area becomes truly messed up. If you’re already tired of looking at that mess, here are some garage storage ideas to make your garage organized and tidy.

10 Garage Storage Ideas

1. Make use of hooks

One of the easiest ways to improve your storage space is to make use of your wall. This part is often overlooked by many homeowners but making use of your walls is an efficient way to organize your tools.  And it doesn’t just give you an organized storage it also affords you easy access when needed. 

There are numerous hooks that you can make use.  The ones that has cluster of hooks attached together is better as it’s easier to install and look more systematic as well. Hooks will get bulky tools and items off the ground paving way to a more spacious and safety floor.

2. Shelves

garage storage ideas - cantilever garage shelves

If you want an easy way to organize any room, shelving is the way to go.  One reason for this is versatility. This is especially true for standalone ones.  You can move it around wherever you want just in case you wanted to rearrange in the future. Also, shelves are efficient for small garage as it won’t require a huge area.  And for as long as your ceiling permits it, you’re free to go as high as you want. A wall mounted shelving system is perfect for this one.

If hanging shelves are a no-go, you can invest in metal shelves. They may be a bit expensive but they are sturdy enough to hold those heavy tools and equipment.

3. Pegboard

Use pegboard to hang or organize your keys, scissors, tapes and any other small items that you can hang. You can even use it to hang brooms, feather duster, dustpan or any other cleaning materials.

4. Overhead storage

garage storage idea - overhead storage

Next on our list of garage storage ideas is having an overhead storage. After hanging your tools, you might want to make use of hanging storage.  This is a good option if your wall is at its maximum capacity.  It can be tricky to install an overhead storage or ceiling mounted racks but it is an efficient way to free your floor from clutter.  Just make sure your design can hold the intended weight you plan to put up there.

5. Sort your stuff

If you try to check the stuff you have in your garage, most of it are house stuff and tools. From these you can actually start sorting it. Separate the tools and the things you use for your DIY projects and put it in one area.  Then from the things you use in the house check whether you can still make use of it or you’re ready to let it go.  From here you can easily free some space while reducing clutter.

6. Keep the bikes and ladders hanging

garage storage ideas - hanging bike

Hanging your bikes will definitely save a lot of floor space plus it will protect them from getting damaged by other bigger equipment such as lawnmower or wheelbarrow. You can hang your bike by a hook mounted in the ceiling or create a diy bike shelf if you are up to it. This garage storage idea definitely add a wow factor in your garage.

7. Declutter

Most of us somewhat have that thought of keeping all the old stuff we have thinking we can make use of it later on.  But often times these old stuffs simply become dust collector in the garage.  It pays to check the stuff you have. Look for the things that you do not need anymore. Old basketballs, toys, or perhaps old tire that you thought would fit for a project.  Often we simply cannot let go of these stuff even though we’ve already given up the project a long time ago.  So keep things you like to store to a bare minimum and do some decluttering once a month.  You’ll be glad you did.

8. Group Items

organized garage tools

Group items according to their use so you can easily find specific tools for a specific task. Use square bins or container to group your items, that way it will maximize the space. If you fancy it throw some name on this group such as “cleaning tools”, “garden tools” or “car tools”.

9. Create a shoe rack

Next garage storage ideas is having a shoe rack for your shoes. A shoe rack will keep dirty or muddy shoes of your garage floor. This will also help in the cleanliness of your living space by not dragging the dirt from outside inside. It will also helps in airing your shoes if it has unpleasant smell.

10. Pick a square trash can

Square trash cans are much better fit in your garage than the round one and they can hold much more garbage (based on our experience) than the round ones. As an added bonus, square bins are much easier to roll out during trash/garbage day than the round one.

Final Words

We hope that these garage storage ideas can help your garage more organized and clean be a place you can spend some time with.

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