11 Tips to Maximize Small Bathroom Space


If you have tiny bathroom space you might want to make it seem larger and use the most of it. Here are some tips and advices that you can use to maximize your bathroom space. The most important steps are choosing the proper materials, fittings and fixtures, carefully planning of the spacing and measures of the items. Here are some tricks that you can use to smartly maximize your small bathroom space.

1. Simple Patterns

Choose patterns, colors and material for your bathroom which are simple. Don’t gather too many details in your bathroom. Instead of it use one item with an eye-catching design to be the focal point in this room. This can be a complex or daring object like an ornate mirror or anything else that you decide. For example you can hang a piece of art to be the focal point in your bathroom.

2. Storage Furniture

You can use clever storage furniture which can function as multiple items. Add recessed cabinets or cupboards for toiletry storage if you prefer. They take less space and are very practical. Use items which are mounted on the wall including various pieces of furniture instead of such that are placed on the floor. This will make your bathroom more airy, easier for cleaning and maintaining as well as save your space. It will create the illusion of larger bathroom which is less piled.

3. Maximize Toilet Area

Oftentimes we forgot about the space above the toilet bowl. Install a cabinet above this area where you can store your extra toilet paper, hand soaps, shampoos, etc…

4. Frameless Bathroom Shower Doors

Use frameless bathroom shower doors to save more space in this room. Glass shower doors create visual illusion of larger space and are easier for cleaning. They are also more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Sink Area

If there are space in your area, try installing a cabinet. This way you can store away your bathroom cleaning materials away from plain sight.

6. Mix and Match Tiles

Create a mixture of tile sizes using 24″x24″ or even larger tiles with very little grout lines which have the same or similar color tone as the tiles’. Consistent colors create the optical illusion of having more bathroom space. You can use  large tiles on the floor and smaller tiles on the walls or inverse. The juxtaposition makes the bathroom interior attractive and looking fascinating.

7. Declutter

Organize your bathroom essentials. Always clean as you go and bring back the essentials to where it belongs. Decluttering always makes any room neat, tidy and spacious.

8. Lighting

You can use direct lighting along with indirect lighting at the same time. You can mount recessed lighting over the shower or bathroom tub. Mount wall lights or put sconces at the mirror. The lighting which you use for decorating should be slim-lined. Use lighting fixtures with thin and fine details. They won’t overwhelm your bathroom.

9. Layer Materials

You can layer various materials in your bathroom: marble, metal, wood and paint. Use polished tiles on your walls which reflect the light and visually create larger space. Worktops of honed stone are perfect for creating balance in your bathroom.

10. Stick to One Material

Select one material for metal finish and stick to it. For example combining  nickel facets with brass hardware is not appropriate. This will make your bathroom look embarrassing. Using one type of metal finish for the hardware, fittings and fixtures will make your bathroom simply designed and stylish.

11. Choose One Color Shade

Use colors for designing your bathroom reasonably and with consideration. Choose one main color and its many shades for decorating your bathroom. This is a smart and plain way to make your bathroom calming and relaxing. Stick to one color and its close tones when you paint your bathroom. If you decide to add a second color do this in tiny splashes or just as an accent in a few places.

Final Words

Small bathrooms are easy for cleaning and maintaining in a good condition. There are certain tricks which you can apply to make your limited bathroom space seem bigger and wider than it actually is and function its purpose. Avoid cluttering it with many washing and cleaning products and keep the design and decorating simple but effective.

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