6 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast


Selling a house is just like a business presentation. You need to give it your best to entice buyers. It’s like presenting all the pros citing reasons why they must choose your house while minimizing the cons. And this could be overwhelming for someone who already juggles work and family matters. For that, these important points should help you out.


The first thing you must look into is your porch.  Most of the possible buyers will just drive by on their first visit.  This is done to check the neighborhood.  And one way to leave a good first impression is to clean your porch. If people see a clean, well laid porch, they’d surely put your house on their list. One thing that adds to any property’s appeal is plants.  If you do not have a garden yet then adding some potted plants on the porch will surely elevate your façade.

Lighting fixtures

Also, do take note that some buyers might want to visit the neighborhood at night.  This means your lighting fixtures matters.  Make use of good lighting as this can add to your house’s overall style. Most people are first attracted into the facade thus you need to invest in this. A good lighting can make your house look presentable and it doesn’t require much effort as well.


Add some style to your home. This is where you can be an artist.  Every potential buyer will check the small stuff in your house. Adding some accent here and there can help give emphasize on your interior styling.  A properly placed side table can do wonders on this matter.  But a word of caution, minimize, much better eliminate, personal things like your picture on the wall. This can make it easier for the buyers to see themselves moving in to your property.  This makes owning the property easier psychologically.


It might not appear as important but there are people that check the floor. Some meticulous ones even check the quality.  So, give it an extra effort by keeping it sparkling clean.  Scrub it, put on new rugs. Also, clean the carpets. Repair if it needs to. A clean floor conjures the idea that the house is well taken cared for which can further put odds in your favor.

Curtain Color

Also, choose your curtain colors wisely. Ordinarily, it may seem a good idea to use vibrant colors. Well, it looks interesting for one. But these usually fall on personal preference. And this can be detrimental for your goal. For that make use of neutral colors. Shades of gray and white may not be very appealing but it works wonders for anyone new to your home.  It creates a warm welcome.


And because potential buyers will likely check all areas of the house, make sure to reduce clutter that extra room. Often times, the extra room in a house serves as a stock room.  This is where all the unused stuffs get collected which can potentially turn down a client. This is the right time to check on what can still be used and what’s not. Decide on what to keep and keep only the ones that you might really need.  Others should go.

Final Words

Home staging is not difficult if you follow the steps mentioned above. If you are not comfortable with doing the home staging yourself, try to hire a professional to do it for you.

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