Weekend Interior Decorating Projects: Give a Room a Mini Makeover in a Couple Days

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Got a weekend to spare? In just one weekend you can give a room in your home a mini-makeover that will make it feel fresh and new. Use the following decorating tips to create a new look or let them inspire you to come up with your own DIY projects for a quick weekend redecorating venture.

Bedroom Redo

If you’re sick of the way your bedroom, or any bedroom in your house, looks then get read to spend the entire weekend in there slaving away and creating a brand new environment that will be inviting, exciting and most importantly, different.

A weekend bedroom DIY project will require some new bedding so you may want to preorder your bedding or set aside some time to go shopping. The largest portion of your weekend will be spent painting the bedroom, so be sure to give yourself enough time for this project, keeping the prep time, clean up and drying time in mind. In addition to the new bedding and paint, find a new configuration for your furniture and if you have a larger bedroom try removing one piece of furniture and replacing it with another.

Living Room Redo

Living rooms are a place where the family congregates for television, family time and games. So redecorate your living room with its function in mind. Create a decorating scheme that optimizes the space and makes activities more convenient. Add lighting where necessary to suit the new furniture arrangement.

Rather than repainting your living room consider adding wallpaper. New wallpaper is designed to hang much more easily and to be removed without hassle, it’s an entirely different animal than its predecessors. Rather than going crazy with the wallpaper, look for an accent wall that can handle a loud print.

Slipcovers are another way you can give your living room an instant new look without having to go through the expense of purchasing new furniture, but if the expense isn’t a worry for you and you’re well within the boundaries of your monthly budget template, consider replacing one piece of furniture with something bold that contrasts with the original color scheme, this will enliven the entire room and draw attention away from older pieces.

Bathroom Redo

A bathroom redo with a luxurious touch is a great weekend project because it’s not too difficult and the rewards are well worth the effort.

Going green is actually the best way to approach a bathroom redecorating project because this room is a big culprit in your environmental footprint. Check out your local programs, in some cities you will get a rebate or a tax benefit for adding a low-flow toilet so this is a great redecorating project. You can also add aerators to your faucets and low-flow showerheads. These green decorating projects will make you feel much better about your bathroom.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom more aesthetic appeal then opt for a neutral monochromatic decorating scheme and paint the bathroom, change your shower curtain, towels and rugs. Then purchase some treats such as expensive lotions, shampoos, and soaps and put them in vivid contrasting colored containers. Draw attention to the little things and let the color scheme create a soothing mood.

Final Words

By using the above interior decorating tips you can revamp the look and feel of a room in your house in just a weekend. Take a month and give your entire home a fresh new look.

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