Game Room Decorating Ideas: Create Family Fun with a Recreation Room

game room

Game rooms in homes are becoming more popular again as gaming has shifted. Rather than a basement with a pool table and a card table for games, people are now creating media centers where the entire family can not only pull out a board game for fun but can get down and dirty with some video game competitions.

Decorating a game room can be as much fun as playing the games are if you follow your own sense of style and get creative with your ideas. Use the following ideas to help you decorate your family recreation room or to give you inspiration to come up with your own ideas.

Go Retro

Game rooms are a great place to go a little retro and pay homage to your favorite childhood games or decades past. One of the best parts about going retro in a recreation room is that the actual products are usually fairly easy to find, especially if you’re a fan of garage sales and second hand stores. No matter what era you select, whether it’s the Pac Man and Atari decade or if you’re going to reach back to checkers and hula hoops, you can find samples of games and toys that were popular in that era.

Use these games as decorations by framing them on the walls or creating a table display with a table designed for holding prized possessions. Take smaller trinkets from the era and fill a centerpiece bowl go guests can play and reminisce when they’re waiting for their turn. Look for posters from that era or use Photoshop to create your own. And you can get real involved by finding actual furniture and magazines from the retro era and decorating your game room.

Pick a Theme

Select a favorite game and decorate the room in that theme. Perhaps you want to select Twister, there are rugs that are actually made to look like a Twister board, you can also made round pillows that are in the same colors which can be used as additional seating and eye-catching accessories. If you or your kids are into a roll playing game you can get even more elaborate by creating a magical world for them that resembles the game. And sports fans know all about decorating a room in their favorite team’s colors.

Segmented Decorating

Divide the room up into theme areas and create a game circuit where people can move from one type of game to another. Keep dry erase boards or chalkboards handy so high scores can be listed and friendly challenges can be posted. If you decide to segment your game room you can also go with segmented decorating as well or pick a single theme to carry throughout.

Family game night is a great way to bring your family together and have fun as a group. It’s also a great way to entertain your friends or keep track of your children. By decorating in a way that is exciting and fun you make staying home and playing games more attractive and appealing.

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