Open Floor Plan Decorating Ideas

There is a huge difference between the open floor and the closed floor plans. During the 80s the closed floor plans have been the majority of plans that were used for apartments and homes. Open floor plans have been quite rare. The difference between these two is in the use of interior walls. The closed floor plans have to separate walls between all the rooms, each of the rooms having its own purpose. The open floor plans are not like that. They only have the walls that separate the apartment from the rest of the building and the areas in the home are otherwise separated. Therefore, when decorating the open floor plan home, you need to do it a bit differently than with the closed plan. Here are the things you should take care of.

Separating Areas

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You still need the areas separated, although you might not need the walls. There are many ways that you can visually separate the areas in your home, without putting the walls. For example, there are always the options of paravan and curtains that can work very well for the parts of your home where you really need some privacy, like the shower or the part of the room where you change your clothes. Paravans give a really nice vintage touch to this, and they can be absolutely amazingly made. Another way is to place the furniture in the way that it blocks the visual of a part of the room, making it a separate area. This can be done with the kitchen. The kitchen can also be successfully turned into a special area by installing a bar.


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Lights need to be very carefully chosen and installed in an open floor home. There are different lighting needs in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room areas. Therefore, the lights need to be installed in a way so that they don’t clash and that the bright and white light from the kitchen area doesn’t disturb the smooth atmosphere of the bedroom or the cozy and warm lights in the living room area. Also, when installing lights, make sure that you are able to turn the lights off and on from different parts of your home.

Colors and Decorations

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There are not many walls for pictures, paintings, and other ornaments when you have an open floor plan. Therefore, you may feel tempted to clutter the ones you have. Be careful about it. Shelves can be used as area separators, and you can even make hanging shelves for that purpose which will look very interesting and they can be used for all the details and ornaments you want to display without overburdening the walls that are scarce. Different colors of different areas can make them separate visually, which is always nice to do if there are no other ways to do so. A row of pot plants can make the difference between the living room and the hall, for example.

Floors and Rugs

open floor plan living room with rug

When it comes to rugs and floors, there is hardly a better way to make the distinction between the kitchen and the dining area than by using tiles on the kitchen floor and some sort of laminate or wooden flooring in the dining area. Furthermore, even all tiles floor will be separated by the use of rugs. For example, if you place a sofa, an armchair, and a table on wool floor rugs, you will automatically get a separate and distinctive seating area in your home. Therefore, rugs can do a lot when it comes to the interior design of open floor plans.

Final Words

Deciding on this type of floor plan has been trendy and fashionable for some time now. There are many pros and cons about it and once you wage all of them well, you need to make the final decision if you are or aren’t about to make that a floor plan of your home. At some point, you will be able to monitor kids from every part of your home. On the other hand, you will not have all the privacy you may need at all times during the day. Take these things into consideration as well as the aesthetic approach and pick the right plan for you.

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