No matter how small your house or flat is, or how small it appears to be, there are ways of changing the perspective. None of them involve any changes in dimensions, visual perspective is what it is all about.  However, these necessary changes can sometimes be expensive, other times practically free, depends on individual situations. To find out which one you are in and what are the things you could do to ” increase” your home make sure you read the following lines.

Free some space

The first thing you should do is get rid of all the stuff you do not need, have not been using in a while, or have not worn for more than a year. You will probably be amazed by the number of goods that just lay around the room, on shelves, and in closets. Removing them will obviously give you a lot of new free space. Use it wisely, do not just fill it again with new items, make the best out of freed space, and take the opportunity to rearrange things around the house.

Color harmony

When your walls and furniture are as far as two shades of color apart, the overall impression of the size of the room is always bigger. Using light and soft color palette additionally adds to the volume. Also, remember the trick that striped pants do to your figure? Strip paint your floors, if possible, and trick your eyes in seeing a bigger room.


Do not clutter your rooms, use only what is really necessary. Foldable and multifunctional furniture is the best solution. For example, you can use divans both for sitting and table purposes, depending on the current need. If there is anything that you are not using at the time, you can simply fold it a put it aside until required. Expandable dining room table is another useful thing and a good example. When you invite the entire family to dinner on birthdays use the entire surface, otherwise, adapt its size to your nuclear family needs. Such that is positioned on raised legs bring additional two benefits; you could use the space below as a storage place, or leave it open to add to the voluminous perspective of the room. Use the maximum vertical alignment. Built-in shelves and closets save a lot of space, especially those floor to ceiling or wall to wall ones. However, do not overcrowd them, leave occasional empty spaces, it makes a big difference when it comes to visual perspective. If you are using rugs, opt for thinner ones done in soft color or spots. Blending is also important here, do not contrast them to walls and furniture color.


Lighten up your house. Make as much use of natural light as possible. If you need to have shades, use light materials and colors. Hang mirrors on the walls, they will enhance the light and depth of space too. When it comes to electrical light, carefully place the lamps around your home. Overhead fixtures tend to spot lights on narrow areas, leaving corners somewhat darkened. Using floor lamps is a great tool that will enable you to visually expand each room and especially hallways. Of course, the house does not have to shine like a Christmas tree. You can play with the shades too, for example to focus on the corners giving them additional depth. When it comes to lights in your bedroom, installing pendants is a way to gain room. You will not be needing night tables and you can use freed space for something else.

Final Words

As you see, there is a number of tricks you could use to make your home look bigger. Which one you will choose depends solely on your current needs and preferences. If you do not have money to invest, rearrange the things you have and gradually go step by step further on. Some tricks need planning and preparation, start making them immediately. Anything invested will be justified by the free space gained. Set your initial budget and start using it since even small changes will be promptly and clearly visible and do not stop until you are fully satisfied.

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