Want To Grow Shade Tolerant Sod Grass? Follow These Guidelines

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As you are aware that all plants need 4 things to grow; water, nutrients, air, and especially sunlight.  If anyone of these is missing then the growth of plants even the Sod Grass becomes difficult. But experts have suggested some ways that help you in planting the grass in the shade.

Problems Grass Face When Grown In Shade

The main issue for plants and grass in the shade is that they don’t get the right amount of sunlight. But other issues that are linked with the unavailability of light have to be considered as well.

  1. You will find a variety of weeds that grow perfectly in the shaded areas. These are dangerous for the development of the sod. So they have to be eliminated at all costs.
  2. Although, moss doesn’t kill the grass but can cause severe damage by preventing nutrients from reaching the grass. Moss grows when the grass becomes thin because of a lack of sunlight.
  3. Sunlight helps the plants to develop their food through photosynthesis, but the lack of sun reaching the grass will decrease this process. This will reduce the reach of nutrition to the grass.
  4. All the above points when come together will affect the overall growth of the Sod Grass. If you will make efforts to eliminate moss, weeds trim the trees then the grass can grow perfectly in the shade.

What Installation Factors To Consider For Shady Areas?

When you hire sod suppliers and installers like Atlanta Sod Farms; they will take into consideration many things for deciding which and how the sod grass will be installed.

  1. The placing of the trees and large plants matter because they are the reason that most of the sunlight is blocked. The sod grass that has the highest level of shade tolerance will be placed underneath the trees.
  2. The roots and especially of the trees absorb most of the nutrients from the soil. So laying the sod in such an area is avoided. If the clients insist then extra caring of the sod should be taken.
  3. This is also important to note because too much water can damage the sod. An elevated level of moisture means that watering will be less in the specific area.
  4. When the grass is under the shadow of the house then the grass will get minimum light. So choosing full shade grass is the best thing that you can do.

How Growing Sod Grass In Shade Is Achieved?

People think that installing grass in the shade is difficult but if you hire companies for the completion of the whole process then you will not have any problems because the staff will know what to do if any issue occurs.

  1. First, the tress and other tall plants are trimmed so that whatever clippings are gathered before installed.
  2. Testing the ground is important so that all properties of the soil in each area are known.
  3. After this, the right Sod Grass is ordered. If needed two or three varieties can be ordered.
  4. The soil is prepared based on the results of the test. The installation team lay down the sod in the right way.

Then it will be up to you to follow the instructions of the sod suppliers to maintain the sod grass in the shade.

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