Working with a small living room is quite a challenge especially if you are looking forward to use your living room for guest entertainment purpose than for personal use. With these decorating ideas, you can be sure to renovate your small space visually and add on to the much desired seating space.

Go Minimal

The rule of thumb in decorating a small space is to clear the clutter and embrace the minimalist approach. Lesser objects mean more free space and naturally your space is augmented. While the wall space can be fully utilized, the floor space is best kept free in a small living room.

Long Curtains

Stuck with a small living room with much smaller windows? Use these small windows to your advantage for, adding long curtains even for small windows create an illusion of spaciousness. A ceiling-to-floor curtain work could be all you needed to make your space appear airy. The laundry day could be quite a work but the long curtains are a sensible addition to make your pint-sized living room look large.

Develop Space With Flooring

Large area rugs are an ideal addition to create space in your living room. Baluchi rugs are most sought after by decorators while working with small living rooms due to their unique geometrical patterns that actually accentuate the space of a room. With an assortment of Baluchi rugs offered online, you know where to look for genuine Baluchi rugs when you are searching for one.

Sheers Work Perfect

Nature has its own ways to make your space look spacious with an abundance of lights. Why not make the most out of this natural privilege? Sheer curtains are perfect for small living rooms since they allow natural light to flood into the space. Light is an obvious way to create an illusion of spaciousness and airy feeling.

Small Varied Furniture

Small spaces sport their best look when you use more small furniture instead of a few large ones. Adding an assortment of small furniture like love seats, ottomans, comfy chairs and small sofas will not only make your space so full of interest, it will also increase your seating options considerably. Experiment with different patterned upholstery for the furniture or utilize colorful accessories like throw pillows and cushions.

Built-In Seating

You are naturally pressed for seating space in a small living room. With built-in seating arrangement, you can be sure of saving some space to avoid excessive furniture that clutters your living room. A custom-made storage space turned seating is a sure way to decorate your living room while adding a definite storage space to your home.

Sectional to the Rescue

A sectional sofa is the best furniture you can have if you are not for bringing in an assortment of furniture. This is yet another way to embrace minimalist setting since a sectional sofa looks stylish plus seats more people when compared to traditional sofas and love seats. Comfort should top your priority with a sectional so, a careful consideration of your floor plan becomes vital.

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