Thrift stores and consignment stores are great places to shop. There are great pieces that can be found for a great price. When choosing items stick to things that can be reused and recycled later. This will also save money in the future.

Fabric and frames

picture frames on wall

Picture frames, especially wooden ones can be jazzed up with just a can of spray paint. Any size will work. Smaller frames can hold photos. Larger frames can be used for posters or pieces of posters. If you aren’t allowed to put nails in the wall, double sided sticky tape can be used and it comes off pretty easily. Decorative metal frames can also be used for a more classy look.

When buying bedding, it’s best to try solids. Plain-colored comforters and sheets like blue, green or gray will be able to be reused later. Changing pillow cases and either making or buying a new throw blanket can create a whole different look for your room. An easy way to make a throw blanket that is cheap.

Curtains are a must; they help get rid of the industrialized look of dorm rooms . There are many different ways to make curtains; here are a few ideas.

  1. Cut a fabric shower curtain of your choosing in half. Stick it on any kind of spring-loaded curtain rod, and voila!
  2. Just grab a few leftover yards of fabric and drape them over any spring-loaded curtain rod.
  3. Head back to the second-hand store, there are always plenty of options there.

Flowers and lights

flowers on black vase

There are always beautiful artsy vases to be found at a second-hand store, but the flowers are a bit trickier. Sometimes flowers can be gotten at the florist, but they are usually on their last leg. Try buying just a few fake flowers. Often they can be found at the dollar store or on sale at a craft store like Micheal’s. Look for a neutral color like white or just some green foliage; this will help create a more versatile space. For a classy approach to flowers, add glass rocks to the vase in the color scheme of the space. For a different approach you can add a live fish to an extra-large glass vase (it must be able to swim). This will create a great conversation piece.

Christmas lights are also an inexpensive way to bring new life to a drab dorm room. They don’t have to always hang from the ceiling. Wrapping them around beds and other furniture will create an interesting look. There are also hanging lantern lights available; these can help add color. Lights also save on the purchase of a reading lamp.


storage organizing baskets

Decorative storage baskets can be the most important money saver. These baskets can be reused in cramped apartments. On shelving units, they can be carry-all for papers, make-up, or cleaning supplies. Small baskets can be in drawers to catch all of your CDs or spare change. Check out these money-saving tips to get started saving money in college. Large baskets make good laundry hampers or trash cans. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to stock up on them.

Storage baskets can be found just about anywhere. They are available in many different styles and design choices.

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