How to Choose Paint Colors for Patio: 5 Colors for a Vibrant and Ethereal Patio Design


Do you want your patio design to feel like a breath of fresh air? Then choose living, breathing ethereal colors that maximize your outdoor living space. A tropical patio design is one of the best ways to bring the natural colorful elements of the outdoors into your patio area. Due to the weathering elements of the outdoors, you need to choose paint colors that are vibrant and long lasting. Of course, choosing exterior paint that is made for the outdoors is the only way to go. You want paint colors that will last through the rain, the snow, the heat, and the cold without wearing down or fading. Painting your patio will ensure that your design stays fresh and exciting. So, take a deep breath and follow these simple tips for a vibrant and ethereal patio design.


Turquoise transforms a living space and is probably one of the most popular decorating colors of the decade. It looks sophisticated when it is combined with brown, majestic when it is complemented with purple, and ethereal when it is blended with green. Turquoise is the color of vivid tropical waters, shimmering gemstones, and elegant formal gowns. No wonder why it so often accompanies a tropical motif! Choosing paint colors for your patio that involve Turquoise mean that you want to transform your space from one that is pale and lifeless to one that is tropical and exotic.

Lime Green

You put the lime in the coconut and drink it on down. Lime Green and the tropics go hand in hand, so this color makes the perfect paint color addition to a patio design. Lime Green is not harsh or obtrusive yet it certainly isn’t dull or bland. Choosing a paint color that thrives on the natural and exotic mood of the outdoors requires the use of Lime Green as a primary accent color. Outdoor spaces deserve the same attention as indoor spaces and Lime Green paint accents will ensure that your patio gets an eye-popping response. After all, you certainly want your patio to be amazing in the Limelight.

Earth Colors

When choosing a paint color for your patio, consider the look of your garden throughout the year. Make sure that it complements your gardens look every season.


Purple may not seem to be an ideal color but this color is enticing and trendy especially for the youth. If you want your patio to be a hangout for your trendy kids, give purple a try.

Cool Blue

Tropical patio design requires the use of strong vibrant colors that are paired together in a way that is cool and ethereal. A walk along a tropical shoreline will look vibrant with color, but it will also have a peaceful and ethereal vibe. So if you want to bring the beach into your patio, paint it blue.


Choosing paint colors in Turquoise and Lime Green is a great way to guarantee that you will be spending plenty of time outdoors enjoying your new patio design. Your new patio will fill like a breath of fresh air that is filled with color and serenity.

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