That space around your home or behind your home can be a place which resembles a jungle and the place from where the bugs come, or it can be a little place where you come to unwind and enjoy every second of it. It all depends on you. What you make of that place is what it will be. The obviously better choice is to turn that place into a lovely garden. Here are some garden design ideas to turn your simple garden into an awesome garden. Adjust them to your taste and needs and turn your garden into one of those awesome places that you see on TV.

1. Seating Arrangement

wicker chair for garden

You can do whatever you want with your garden, but if there is no place to sit there, you will hardly spend the time there and enjoy it. Therefore, find a corner, a little bit of space or a shade where you can put a couple of chairs or a bench or even a tree trunk and make it a place where you can sit, lie down or simply relax and have a drink with your friends or family. You can make it even more interesting if you make a pathway to that place.

2. Plants

garden plants

Well, hardly anybody would simply pour the concrete on the entire surface of the garden and call it a day. Naturally, there will be some plants that you will have there, but they will not necessarily be the ones that you like. Therefore, take into consideration the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest into those plants and plan accordingly. Flowers and exotic plants will be simply amazing and turn your garden into a tropic paradise, but they require a lot of care. On the other hand, well-kept lawn is not that exotic, but it doesn’t take an expert to maintain it. Between these two extremes is a great variety of options and you really can find the right way for you to have a well-kept and interesting plants in your garden.

3. Shade

garden with bar and shade

When you have your plants all good and growing and you have your seating arrangement solved, you will have the need to spend some time in your garden, especially when the weather is nice. However, it is not so pleasant to have the sun on your face all the time and if you really want an awesome garden, you need to find the way to get some shade there. Trees, pergolas, floating screens, umbrellas, sails and many more options are at your disposal. You can hardly go wrong there, but the whole idea is to have some shade in order to have an awesome garden.

4. Privacy

small garden with privacy

It is not that your neighbors will be staring at you all the time, but having some privacy in your garden is a must if you ever want to relax there completely. People usually turn their heads and look at somebody’s home or through the window simply because it is open. Therefore, just to have some peace, consider different screens, walls, live fences, bushes and other ways of blocking the view. You will simply feel freer and more relaxed when you know you have your privacy.

5. Something Fun

garden with hammock

All this will make your garden interesting for a while, but in order for it to be truly awesome, you need that one thing that you just love about it. For some people, that can be a built in barbecue place. Others may install a very cool bar. There are jumping castles that your kids will love. One of the options is definitely a simple hammock that is your favorite place on earth. It doesn’t really have to be something exclusive, luxurious or expensive. However, it has to be something that you will love and something that will keep you happy or simply amused.

Final Words

Every awesome garden just has to have that element of comfort and Zen, whether it is a small garden or a big one. The garden design ideas mentioned above are only some of the few, there are limitless designs you can do so let your imagination run free.

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