5 Various Types of Home Security for Doors to Make your Home More Secure

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Every home security for doors works on a single basic principle. This is to secure all entry points to your homes. It also includes securing interior spaces that contain valuables like computers, guns, art pieces, and coin collections, among others.

Irrespective of your home’s size, or the number of windows, doors, or interior rooms that you, as the homeowner, decide to protect, perhaps the only difference is in the number of home security components you deploy throughout your home.

Having said that, the following are the basic types of home security for doors you can take to bolster the security of your front door:

Add a tough and heavy-duty deadbolt.

Although low in cost, a deadbolt is an important addition to your home security system. There are various types of deadbolts you can choose from including double-cylinder models that require keys on both sides, as well as single-cylinder deadbolts that require a key on only one side. Regardless of the variation, you select, just make sure that the unit has a security rating of grade 1. Also, it is important to follow the next item on this list to connect the deadbolt solidly and securely to the frame.

Include a strike box in your home security for doors.

The striking box strengthens your entryway and keeps intruders at bay by switching the existing strike plates for a structure that has over-sized plates, metal pocket, and a solid wall stud connection behind the doorjamb using 3” screws. To make room for this addition, you need to make both the jamb hole as well as the cover plate recess larger.

Install a reinforcer plate.

Metal reinforcement plates with three sides add an additional security layer by wrapping the door around its deadbolt or handset. To make sure you get the appropriate size for your door, you need to measure its thickness, and the diameter of the deadbolt hole or the handset, as well as the distance between the door’s edge and the deadbolt or handset center (which is called the setback). The reinforcement plate will often slightly extend the edge of the door. Thus, it may be necessary to make the hinge mortises found on the opposite side of the door deeper. This will prevent sticking and catching.

Re-key the door lock.

This is particularly important if someone else had lived in your current home before you. This is a simple way of enhancing your home security. A re-keying kit that matches most brands of locks is available at home improvement and hardware stores. The kit works for both deadbolt and entrance locks. For the same key, you can re-key as many as six locks.

Install a peephole with a wide-angle.

This will allow you to screen unexpected visitors with a peephole viewer with a wider angle. The easy to install home safety accessory is designed to accommodate any door with a thickness of up to 2”.

Final Words

In this day and age, being meticulous about the safety of your entire household is not over-reacting. Discouraging and preventing burglars from entering your home is a lot better than losing the valuables you have worked hard for.

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