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Do you remember when you decorated the various rooms throughout your house? It’s an exciting project to take on. Not only do most people want to create a space that is pleasing to the eye, but they usually fill it with colors, patterns, and décor elements that appeal to their personal tastes while also complementing the room’s features.

Perhaps you have a universal theme or look throughout the house. Maybe each room is different. Either way, you put a great deal of time and effort into choosing your interior design style and décor. So, why should it be any different for your outdoor spaces?

In the modern home, a patio is more than just a section of the backyard. Outdoor spaces are viewed as an extension of the home, not a separate element of it. Now, more than ever, homeowners are spending time picking out furniture, decor items, a color palette, and a theme for their patios. They want their patio to serve as a space to go to for relaxation, social purposes, and, in some cases, for meals and entertainment.

If your patio is currently a forgotten slab in the backyard or is seriously lacking in design appeal, it’s time to give it a fresh look. A popular design trend of the moment, especially for outdoor spaces, is wildlife inspired decor. It makes perfect sense. When you’re outside, you’re surrounded by nature, and what better way to complement the natural elements than with a wildlife inspired look? Not to mention, when you choose to decorate with elements inspired by wildlife, from animal prints to bold patterns, your patio will be anything but boring!

Below are some popular patio design ideas that will totally transform your patio.


wicker chair with throw pillows

Birdwatchers, this one is for you! If you have a special affection for our friends in flight, you might consider adorning your patio in feathers. Not literally. Put the faux feathers down and consider a subtle approach to this design style. Fun bird prints, along with a bird inspired color scheme may be just the makeover your patio needs. A patio isn’t complete without furniture. With that being said, most outdoor furniture needs pillows and cushions to create a comfortable seat.

Cushions with bird patterns will look adorable in your outdoor area. If you want a muted or neutral bird pattern, look for pops of bright colors such as tangerine, mango, and turquoise for accent pieces that make a statement. On the other hand, pastels or softer yellows, greens, and blues make an equally stunning option for your color scheme or even a great option for the bird print itself.

White furniture with cute decorations such as birdhouses, lanterns, and woven baskets and/or rugs will make great additions to your patio. If you have trees or plants around the area, why not add bird feeders so you can sit back, relax, and bird watch the afternoon away!


safari themed patio

If feathered friends are a bit too tame for your taste, consider a safari theme. The wild at heart will love bold animal patterns and prints. From zebra and cheetah, to leopard, there are many animal prints to choose from.

When decorating around animal prints, it’s important to set a neutral backdrop using dark wood, beige, and cream colors. It’s a good idea to keep the furniture dark. Cream cushions allow the eye to focus on animal print throw pillows on a couch or loveseat. For the chairs, give the space a jolt of wildlife with the animal print on the cushions themselves. Oh, and don’t forget a rich pop of color to create a contrast.

A green throw pillow or tropical palm leaf pillows accompany animal prints nicely, as does the real thing: Since you are outside, don’t forget to add some live greenery to the patio to complete the safari look.


rattan chairs on wooden patio

While some people want animal prints, others might prefer the actual animal to show up in their décor. There is no better way to implement your love of wildlife than with a bohemian themed patio, complete, of course, with elephants. For the color scheme, think of rich, jewel tones. Turquoise, eggplant, emerald, royal blue, and metallics, such as copper or silver, will set the bohemian vibe.

Look for throw pillows with images of elephants or even small elephant statues to serve as décor pieces. If you have free wall space, elephant tapestries will work great for a boho themed space.

Hanging lanterns, a pile of cushions, and a Moroccan style rug (or rugs) will give the space a true boho ambiance. Also, look for rustic or natural looking furniture pieces. With images of elephants and rich color, natural furniture will blend into the backdrop nicely. Don’t forget to add some plants, and you’ll have your very own bohemian elephant sanctuary!

Inspiration for home design and décor is all around us. Take a walk on the wild side and decorate your patio using elements of wildlife. From elephants to zebra print, colorful birds, and bold tropical plants, there are numerous ways to showcase nature throughout your design.

Swinging Outdoor Bed

swinging outdoor bed

Patio is all about relaxation, and relaxation wouldn’t be complete if there isn’t a bed on it. Putting a swinging outdoor bed in your patio will definitely increase the level of your relaxation and will certainly gives you the peace of mind you are trying to look for.

Final Words

With the right prints, colors, and décor, you’ll create a breathtaking patio space that is anything but boring. Let your personality shine through. No matter how big or small your outdoor space may be.

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