When you want to construct a garage for your house, then the very first four things that crop up in our mind are durability, security, space, and affordability. Shipping container garage is made from the panels of carbon steel. These steel can be shifted quite easily, and the outer coating allows the panels to resist the elements of wear and tear. For a large one, you can plan for using multiple containers to build a heaven like garage. But before that, you probably need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Which kind of roof and style you want to construct?

Most ordinarily, you will be placing two containers and then a roof. The roof can be designed in a gambrel, gable, or a mounting structure, which can be inner, outer, or offset. Below the roof is the space used for storage like tractors or vehicles or any heavy machinery etc.

shipping container

2. What size you want to go for?

The container’s standard size for any shipping container garage is found in the lengths of 20 feet to 40 feet along with a width of about 8 feet and a height of 8.6 feet. The inner spaces that you will get on using 20 feet containers and 40 feet containers are 1165 cubic feet and 2350 cubic feet, respectively. So, you need to match it up with space where you want to raise the garage.

3. Should you use new or used shipping container for your garage?

If you want to ponder aestheticism, it is always better to go for new or one trip containers. These are not used for international shipping and are brought from China to the US. They are a little bit pricy. If you build up your garage with the used container, you will get a wide variety of supply range, and the price is also a bit low. It is so because the used containers will not look fresh, and you can view the marks of wear and tear on it like rust, stains, or scratch, etcetera.

4. Do you want to customize and modify the containers?

Suppose you want to modify the containers, mend the wear and tear, remove the rust and scratch marks, or get it painted with your choice color. In that case, you need to bear an extra expense for it and hire an agency that does this modifying job and also seems to be friendly on your pocket.

5. How to prepare the land for your shipping container garage?

The ways are as follows:-

  • Go to the local government and check if you require any permits to construct a shipping container garage and get it done first; your work will be on hold due to paperwork.
  • Identify and inspect very thoroughly the area where you want to get your dream garage set up. The area must match up with the size of the garage that you desire to make.
  • Clean the area very nicely and remove any debris or any plant outgrowths.
  • Then you need to lay a proper basic foundation for the garage. The foundation can be laid by using the steel pipe or concrete slab. This will make the garage look properly structured and keep insects and snakes at bay.
yellow shipping container garage

6. How to place the entrance and doors of the garage?

Think of the purpose for which you are creating the shipping container garage, and then only you can plan where to place the door of the garage.

  • If you want to accommodate your sweet small red sports car, it is always advisable to keep the garage’s door facing the driveway of your bungalow.
  • If you plan to use the garage as a storehouse for preserving items like ladders, garden pots, or any other stuff, it is always preferable to make the garage’s opening towards the house. This will help you to fetch those items as and when you require them easily, and can even keep a watch on them in case if you keep the door of the garage open for some time.

7. How to upgrade the shipping container garage?

Many of the house owners do not take enough pains in decorating the garage. Still, it is always a wise decision to get your garage well decorated and made user friendly so that it becomes comfortable for you to work in the garage or develop it into a unit for further use. The ways to upgrade a garage are as follows:-

8. How to make your shipping container garage beautiful?

Now, your garage is set up. If you want to add something extra to beautify it, then do the following:-

  • Add curtains to the doors and windows. You can use a strong fabric and solid colors.
  • You can easily get fans to make the garage relaxing and comfy. 
  • The very vital point is to put a drain running at the side of the garage. In case if you are washing a car, you can make the water flow through the drain.
  • You can also use a dehumidifier to increase your car’s life and make it free from getting damped. This will even help to keep the kinds of stuff stored in the garage damp-free.
  • Add a good quality security camera and motion detectors if you want to increase your garage’s safety and security.

Final Words:

Having a garage is essential, and by following the above techniques, you can easily install a shipping container garage at your house and that too within your budget.

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