Hey Amigas! Hope you all are doing great in this pandemic catastrophe. In today’s scenario, when everyone is worried about the breathing problem, I will discuss in this article natural ways how to get rid of paint smell, so keep on reading.  

Whenever I place a question regarding the craze for the paint’s smell, I got a huge response. Even if you don’t believe me, I am also the one from the crowd who has a soft corner for the paint’s smell. Usually, when anybody used ask me about my craze for the smell of the paint.

how to get rid of paint smell

 I was very casual about the same. I used to laugh at people who don’t inhale the fume. But later on, I have come across a bitter truth about the breathing issues faced by the asthma patient while breathing in the paint’s odor. Even it irritates the one who is having migraines, allergies Etc.

Is painting a fun activity?

Painting is fun. Many of you utilize this time to spend quality moments with your loved ones while painting your favorite room without any professional help. And an interior design of a room without proper paint on it. But there is a negative side to this fun time.

“Nope, don’t get me wrong.” I am not expressing my grievance about painting. When I became acquainted with the disadvantages of paint smell, painting has become bothersome to me. Not only for me but for many people.

 Do you know the odor you are inhaling is not safe for anyone? You, Me, and almost everyone have inhaled the toxic smell of the paint. So I have decided to discuss the paint smell and ways to get rid of the toxic smell. Just because the paint’s fume is toxic doesn’t mean that you will stop painting your things. In this post, you will be able to find a solution.

Before you hire professionals so that they can help you get rid of the smell, go through these easy and natural ways to remove the toxic odor.

How to get rid of paint smell naturally

I know you will say that after painting, you can crack up your window to get rid of the paint. But getting rid of the paint smell is not an easy cup of tea. What if it’s raining outside? Will you be able to open your window?? Did you say No? I know that very well nobody wants to damage their interior. Opening the window and letting the fresh air in is a good way, but how well you will practice this option depends upon the climate. DON’T MISS THE SURPRISE THAT I HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU IN THE END. Keep reading!

1.  Lighting some scented candles.

how to get rid of paint smell using scented candles

How about lighting some candles?? Not for dinner!! You can have candlelight dinner, but you have to wipe off the paint toxic fumes before that. Certainly, you don’t want to breathe in the toxic fumes while you are sharing the cozy moments. There are specific candles made specially to eliminate toxic fumes, and they are now available in the market. These are soy-based candles that help to purify the air without causing any harm to your lungs. These candles help to get rid of the odor by counterbalancing them.

2.  Bucket can be a smart choice.

You will agree with me that the simplest solution plays the most effective role in solving the problem whenever we are in a tough position. The same thing goes in this case. This simplest solution will help you to get rid of the paint smell.

  • Take a bucket full of water.
  • Put the bucket in the center of the rooms that have been painted recently.
  • You can use two or more buckets depending on the number of rooms and size.
  • Let the bucket stay in the room overnight. The water will absorb the paint’s vapor.
  • The next day, drain the water. You can even repeat the steps in case the fume has not been removed.

 3.  Say no to VOC paint.

The full form of VOC is a Volatile Organic Compound. Nowadays, every band is using fume-free and eco-friendly paints. Most paint companies use VOC in their pants. VOC paints stop smelling, but it will continue to leave the toxic vapor, which is harmful to your body. The paint without VOC doesn’t have any smell and leaves any toxic fumes.

4.  Utilizing Onion.

We all know that onions have a strong odor. This odor helps to get rid of another offensive odor.

  • Take a medium or large-size onion and peel the outer layer. (you can take white or yellow onion, whatever Is available in your house)
  • Cut it into four slices.
  • Put the onion on a plate or bowl and place it in every corner of the room. 
  • Put the onion overnight until the paint stench is fully dissolute.
  • After the process has been completed, don’t forget to dispose of the onion slice. It is not safe to cook those sliced onions.

5.  Wood charcoal and coffee grounds.

 You can use anyone either wood charcoal or grounded coffee to dissipate the paint stench. Before starting the process, don’t forget to put on your gloves.

  • You can use a hammer for grinding the wood charcoal and a coffee grinder to ground the coffee.
  • Put that ground coffee or charcoal in a bowl or a jar (depending on the room’s number of rooms and size, pick the number of jars).
  • Put these jars or bowls in every corner of the room. And let it stay like that for the whole night.
  • As usual, you have to dispose of grounded coffee or charcoal in the dustbin.

Final Words

It’s time to bid goodbye. Hopefully, I could give enough information on how to get rid of the paint smell in your home naturally. If you want a hustle-free project, you can hire professionals who have better tricks to make your home offensive and stench free after painting.

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