Most Common Reasons for Cracked Residential Windows

cracked windows

A broken home window may not seem like a big deal, but the lasting impacts of not fixing it can weigh on your safety and your wallet. Your family relies on the integrity of secure window enclosures, and a break or crack in the glass hinders this. Here, we discuss the most common reasons for cracked residential windows and offer a reliable solution for your family. 

Structural Stress Fractures

Did you know the nature of the fracture can indicate the reason for its existence? Structural stress fractures are among the most common types of cracks, and they sit along the edge of the frame. These cracks result from sudden temperature changes in combination with weak framing, improper installation techniques, or inadequate window shimming.

New and old windows can experience structural stress fractures depending on these factors. This is why it’s vital to have a reputable professional window installer complete projects to ensure the installation is correct.

Harsh Impacts From an External Force

Playing catch in the yard is all fun and games until the ball hits a window. Impact fractures are dangerous because the glass will often shatter and scatter inside and outside, resulting in a safety risk for your family and pets.

When these accidents occur, you should partner with a broken window glass professional specializing in timely repairs and cleanups. The framework may not need replacing, but the windowpanes will, and professionals have the distinct ability to replace them without jarring the framework.

Barometric Pressure Changes

Barometric pressure changes are also common reasons for cracked residential windows, though they aren’t the most common issues. These cracks will take an hourglass shape alongside the framework and require a new windowpane and frame, resulting in a full window replacement.

In cases of extreme pressure fluctuations, the window frame can weaken and leave the glass panes subject to stress. Your local window professionals will replace the windows and offer suggestions on how to avoid this in the future.

A home window snafu is undoubtedly a nuisance. But knowing who to call in situations of window stress can significantly improve how you navigate issues moving forward.

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