How To Get Your Front Yard Ready for Summer

front yard on summer

The Beatles said it best: “Here comes the sun.” And with it is the best season ever. Summer is approaching fast, and that means you shouldn’t neglect your yard. Flowers are blooming, and the grass will never look greener. Here’s how to get your front yard ready for summer.

Make Room for Oxygen

Your yard needs plenty of breathing room. The cold weather and snow don’t allow much room for oxygen or water to pass through. Now that it’s warmer, you need to aerate your lawn. This is the act of putting holes in the ground to allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots deeply.

You can purchase a pair of lawn and garden aerator spike shoes. Start at the perimeter of the lawn and work around it. Then move to the center and work your way out vertically and horizontally. Aeration leads to healthy roots and lush grass.

Clear Away the Undesirable

Remove all the dead life and undesirables from the yard. Start with the excess thatch covering your lawn. Thatch is decaying or undecomposed plant material, such as grass clippings, that accumulates next to the soil on a lawn.

Rake up the thatch and dispose of it inside a trash bag. The change in weather and moisture in the air can bring moss and sturdy weeds that plague your lawn. Chemical treatment and raking will help get rid of the moss. Weeds will require a little more digging and pulling on your part. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to put some muscle into it.

Add Little Trinkets

Once you clear away all the excess mess and prepare the lawn to look beautiful again, go shopping. Think of your lawn like a face that needs a little makeup to bring out its best features. Clean and restore your patio furniture or purchase more.

Remember that the porch is part of the yard. So make your front porch more welcoming and inviting for guests or people to admire while they walk by. A beautiful front porch says a lot about the inside of your home. Decide what message you want to send and then execute it.

Grab the Fertilizer and Grease

Finally, grab the fertilizer for the grass and the grease for the lawn mower. The lawn has plenty of holes in it after aeration. How you fertilize the lawn depends on the type of grass you have. Warm-season grass will need nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the spring and late summer.

Cool-season grass needs fertilization in early spring, right after winter. Proper fertilization will make the grass grow and become incredibly lush. It’ll also need some trimming. Your lawn mower has been out of commission for a while. Take it out to do some maintenance work. Clean it and get some fresh grease inside the gears.

Don’t let summer sneak up on you without taking the proper steps to get your front yard ready for the best season ever.

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