How to Inspect Your Pool


The market today is concentrated with various swimming pool designs and equipments. This gives you the freedom to choose your desired item, which is largely appreciable. However, this also increases the probability of buying a product that may look nice but not necessarily comply with the safety standards.

Choosing a swimming pool, which best fit your swimming and safety requirements, can be tricky at times. There are several things you need to know before buying a swimming pool, and you should visit your local swimming supply shop for exploring more about the prevailing knowledge of choosing a swimming pool in the market. Here you will find certain basic things you should be aware of while buying a swimming pool.

Design, Capacity

The design and capacity of your pool is of huge importance, and it largely depends upon the average depth of the pool. People may find it difficult to measure the average depth. You can use a simple equation for calculating the average depth of your pool:

Deep End (feet) + Shallow End (feet) รท 2 = Average Depth

Once you know the average depth of your pool, it becomes a lot easier to buy the required accessories anytime you like.

Pool Cover and Liner

The main function of pool cover and pool liner is to safeguard the water from seasonal variations/climatic conditions and water contamination respectively.

1. Choosing a good cover for your pool starts with good understanding of the pool design; it also contributes towards further inspection of the pool. There are separate covers available in market depending upon the seasonal suitability. Ideally, you should use different covers for summer, spring and winter, which help you to maintain the pool in top shape during seasonal variations and harsh climatic conditions.

2. Once you are done with estimating the average depth and capacity of your swimming pool, you can start moving towards pool liner.

Swimming Pool Liner

Once you are done with estimating your average depth and capacity for your swimming pool, you can start moving towards pool liner. The pool liner plays a vital role in water quality management within the pool – it maintains the PH level of water and eradicates the formation and growth of algae in pool water. Selecting the material for liner is of huge importance. Plastic or vinyl liners are famous as they are attractive and provide greater protection.

It is always important to keep someone at watch at your swimming pool. It’s very important to always keep in mind about the safety concerns of the pool. Ground swimming pools are always at higher risk when compared to the regular pools, and it becomes mandatory to have a trained swimmer or at least an adult all the time watching over the pool. Alternatives like having a fence all round the pool so as to keep the entry into the pool restricted can be of some help when there is no one to keep a watch on it.

Swimming Accessories

Kids love it when there are lots of toys to play with in a swimming pool. These toys can be a part of the safety measures like having lots of goggles, floats, water wings etc. Chlorine, which is used to treat water in the pool, is harmful for the eyes so one must provide sufficient goggles for the kids especially. Many types of floats will be available, in the toy shapes, which kids love to play around with and can also help them to stay afloat just in case. Similarly water wings and swimming belts will help prevent unexpected situations, so it’s always safe to have lots of them available in the pool for fun and safety. Since these are commonly used everywhere, you can always get lots of deals with some home work.

Final Words

Doing a regular inspection of you pool is necessity, but it’s not really that bad a job that you will be bored of. You know its lot of fun taking care of the pool. Also, it’s very important for you to know about your pool properly so that you can get to buy the right stuff for it when you go shopping the next time. A visit to the local pool supply shop will make you understand the very fact that you must have an idea about your swimming pool. It’s like going to a car accessories shop to buy accessories for your car without knowing what stuff fits in your car. In conclusion, keep inspecting your pool more often so that you know what is happening in and around it. Trust me, it’s worth your time, which won’t take that long anyways.

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