5 Simple Real Estate Photography Tips

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If you want to sell something you need a pretty decent presentation.  The reality is that humans love a good show.  We all want to be shown the best parts always.  Yep, sometimes the truth is quite different but still a good photo showing you the positive traits of a house is a good way to elevate interest of possible client. Thus, if you wanted to show how great the property is you need to understand these important things.

Natural Light

First off, make use of natural lighting. If you think about it, a good natural lighting in a house gives off positive vibes.  In other words, it can result to positive mood. As much as possible, refrain from taking photos during night time where resulting images may look unclear and with too much drama. Natural lighting will also elevate the house’ overall appearance. 


Then you have to make a house look like real home.  Sprinkle it with decorations. Make use of some vibrant colors in places like the tables.  This is especially important in properties that aren’t fully furnished. The point is, do not leave the picture bare.  Think about it, if you’re looking at a photo of a room without anything in it, would it still be interesting? So decorate, add some style and fun into it. Declutter and tour the house yourself so you can have a better look on the selling point of your merchandise. 

Selling Point

Always remember to give emphasize on the selling point. Concentrate on the amenities first. Does it have a full bath?  How many rooms are in there? Does it have security fence?  How about the garage? Include it in the property’s portfolio.  Also, look for the things that are interesting nearby.  Does it have a nearby school or perhaps it’s near an airport or maybe it’s near a local attraction. Include it in the photo presentation. These small stuffs can actually make or break a deal.

Video Presentation

If you want to go to greater heights then prepare a video presentation.  This is very good option if you want to give virtual tour.  The online world is vast space for information.  If you wanted to stand out, give it your best by preparing a nice video.

Enhance Photo Quality

Whenever needed, edit your photos but don’t overdo it. The aim here is to enhance the appearance and not to confuse your client. Heavily edited photo is almost equal to dishonesty.  If you want to keep with this business in a long haul, be truthful with what you can offer. 

Final Words

All of these things can mean that you have to invest time. As much as possible never take shortcuts. These small steps will be your learning experience that will give you better insights about what should be done in the future so don’t fret about it. 

Lastly, if you think you can’t do it then it would be a good idea to hire a pro. Sometimes it would be better off hiring someone else to do your photos so you can concentrate in marketing. It’s not a bad idea if you decide to take this path.  What’s important is you can effectively connect with possible clients.

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