Decorating By Numbers: Adding Numbers and Letters to Your Home

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Want to add a little pizzazz to your home without spending a lot on trendy accessories? The latest trend in interior decorating is adding numbers and letters to your home. These pieces come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, colors and price ranges and there is sure to be something that fits your sense of style.

Simply watching television can open your eyes to this new trend. More and more television sets are adding numbers and letters to character’s homes to incorporate today’s latest trend. You’ll be surprised at how often you see these crop up when you begin paying attention.

There are several ways to incorporate numbers or letters to your home and there is no rule that says you can’t mix and match techniques. Below are a few ideas, but feel free to spell out your own creations.

Spell It

all you need is love neon decoration

Use stencils to paint inspirational words or verses in your home, write your child’s name on a wall or bedroom door, or create a decorative border using “your song” or favorite poem.

Small Packages

Hit your local antique store and get some old printers letter and symbols. You can arrange these to spell out words or names, scatter them around the house in different nooks, fill a basket or glass jar with a collection of these little gems and create a centerpiece. You can even use them as a stamp to pick up colored ink and creating attractive mats for photos and shadow boxes.


More adventurous souls can create personalized slip covers for their furniture by painting or stamping letters, phrases, numbers and symbols until they’ve created just the right look.

Bigger Than Life

number seven bookshelf

Purchase single letters and numbers that are more than a foot tall/wide and use them as unique accents on walls, shelves or under glass tabletops. You can pick these letters and numbers up at a craft store for just a few dollars and paint them yourself to get the effect you want or spend a little more to get rustic metal or distressed wood accents.

Go Crazy

And if you want to take this trend a step further than most, don’t worry too much about where or how you’ll display your letters and numbers, instead spend your efforts trying to decide how they’ll look. Paint them plaid, use metallic foil to add sparkle, decoupage them with family photos, cover them with pressed, dried flowers, use glow in the dark paints, cover them in fabric and leather, any idea you can come up with to decorate these inexpensive, trendy accessories so they make a statement that you have made uniquely your own.

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