Fish Wall Decorations: Murals, Wallpaper and Accessories for Tropical Fish-Themed Décor

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For those who love oceans, there’s no getting enough of coral reefs, tropical fish, and waving plants. They inhabit every area of the home, from the tropical aquarium to the indoor selection of tropical aquarium plants. Here are some ideas that will help anyone create stunning room décor with a tropical ocean theme.

If you’re an aquarium manager, selling custom aquarium fish coins to visitors is a great option. Because choosing custom means that managers can show what they want to show on items and cater to visitors’ different preferences, such as logos and types of fish. Visitors can take it away not only as a gift, but also as a decorative accessory for their own home.

Fish Murals for a Bedroom, Rec Room, or Office

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Imagine walking into a child’s room or a rec room and walking into an ocean full of fish with brilliant colors and coral reefs. Or perhaps you walk into a kelp forest, complete with urchins and sea otters. For an adult or a child who loves fish, this is a dream, and it’s not that hard to create.

Not an artist? Never fear. There are stencils available to help scope out a mural project. Use pencil so that any errors can be erased. Mark each part of the stencil with the color that should be used in that area. Web sites like Stencil Search and Stencil Library are rich sources of fish stencils. Those who are very concerned about creating a beautiful stencil and have no artistic skills might consider hiring a professional muralist or even a college student who specializes in art.

Tropical Fish-Themed Wallpaper and Borders

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For a child’s ocean-themed room, choose fish wallpaper or a border to grace the top of a room. For a living room or an adult’s bedroom, choose a large silhouette wall decal or choose wallpaper with a subtle or embossed fish pattern. Designer Wall Coverings has some beautiful and subtle fish-themed designs.

For children’s rooms, there is a wide variety of self-stick wallpaper borders. Roommates has an Under the Sea border, Blue Lagoon has a vivid aquarium wallpaper border, and Paint My Walls has a lovely coral-themed wallpaper border. There are also decorative wall appliqués to stick onto painted walls. Search for fish wallpaper, ocean wallpaper, and undersea wallpaper for the best selection.

An Indoor Fish Tank or Selection of Aquarium Plants

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Place a fish tank in a recessed corner of the room, or place a backlight or a spotlight next to it for extra effect. Looking for a low-maintenance alternative to fish? Choose a selection of aquarium plants and grow those instead. Adding the sound of water and real fish to a room makes a fish-themed room complete.

Decorate With Fish Room Accessories

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It’s possible to have a fish theme in a room without having it jump out at the casual observer. Pair an aquarium with subtle fish-themed pillows, a woven blanket, a throw rug, and other décor elements like a selection of fish swimming across a mantle. Sometimes it’s not necessary to add a mural or wallpaper, but it’s fun to integrate a theme and see if guests can guess or comment on the theme of the room.

Those who love fish will find many options for wall decorations. Choose a homemade or professional mural or a selection of fish on the mantle. From subtle accessories and beautiful line drawings to wallpapers and borders with stunning colors, there are so many ways to decorate with an undersea or ocean theme.

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