5 Common Summer Lawn Pests To Watch Out For


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your well-maintained lawn and bring outdoor activities to life. However, it’s also the time when pests emerge and threaten your precious home investment. Learn which common summer lawn pests to watch out for to protect your beautiful yard. Find more information below!

1. Grubs

Grubs are the larval form of beetles, such as the Japanese beetles and June bugs. They feed on the roots of your grass and cause brown patches to appear, eventually killing the lawn if left untreated. Be vigilant for signs of birds, skunks, or moles digging in your lawn because they prey on grubs. To control the spread of grubs, apply insecticides or use natural methods like introducing beneficial nematodes.

2. Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small insects that feed on grass sap by piercing the blade and sucking out the juices. The damage they cause manifests as irregularly-shaped yellow patches. These pests thrive in hot and dry conditions and are most prevalent in the southern and eastern parts of the United States. Treat chinch bug infestations by applying insecticides specifically for these pests, or create a healthy lawn environment that can better resist the damage.

3. Sod Webworms

Sod webworms are caterpillars that transform into small moths. These pests feast on the blades of grass, resulting in chewed and damaged patches on your lawn. Pay attention to irregular, yellowed areas with closely cropped grass, as this may indicate the presence of webworms. You can use insecticides to handle sod webworm infestations, but be sure to read the label and follow the instructions closely.

4. Billbugs

Billbugs are beetle-like insects that can cause havoc on your lawn by feeding on grass stems. The larvae feed on the grass roots, ultimately killing sections of your yard. Watch out for irregular patches of weak-looking or dying grass. Insecticides effectively control billbug populations, but you must apply them properly during the pests’ life cycle.

5. Fire Ants

Fire ants are notorious for their aggressive and painful stings. These pests build large anthills in yards and can pose a risk to homeowners and their families. Their tunneling activity can cause damage to the lawn and its root system. You can manage fire ant colonies with pesticide treatment, but you should take precautions to avoid injuries to yourself or others while handling these aggressive insects.

As you go through the summer months, you should watch out for these common summer lawn pests. Be proactive and take necessary precautions to defend your lawn against summertime pests to prevent infestations and maintain the health and beauty of your lawny staying vigilant and using the appropriate treatments, you can enjoy your captivating yard all season long without any unwelcome visitors causing damage.

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