How To Make Your Living Room Appear Cozier

living room

The size of the space doesn’t matter. Even some of the largest living rooms can appear warm and inviting. All it takes is a little vision and execution to ensure the space has a more intimate vibe. Once you learn how to make your living room appear cozier, you’ll never want to leave the couch again.

Maximize the Couch

A small couch doesn’t say, “Have a seat and stay awhile.” In fact, it says the exact opposite. If your living room has a small couch and a few other seating areas, that’s a different story. But you can make things simpler by purchasing one large sectional to fill up the space.

Get an extra deep sofa that’s great for entertaining guests and taking an occasional snooze. Measure the space in the living room before making a purchase. You don’t want the sofa to overpower the entire space, but you also don’t want it to be too narrow or small.

Soften the Lighting

Soft lighting is mood lighting. It always creates an intimate and peaceful space. Look at the location of your living room’s windows. Are they facing where the sun sets or rises? The answer will help you decide the appropriate lighting for the space.

Try and go for some layered lighting. The three types are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Basic ceiling fixtures are examples of ambient lighting. Task lighting includes lamps, and accent lighting includes sconces and pendants. It’s best to mix only two together because having all three at once can throw the space off balance.

Layer the Floor

An extra layer of padding underfoot warms up the room while adding a decorative touch, especially on hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are great, but they’re also extremely bare and a little cold. Rugs add texture and color to the room.

The same rules apply to carpets. Don’t be afraid to add a rug to a carpeted living room. It’ll still have the same effect of making the area feel more intimate. Just make sure you follow the dos and don’ts of using rugs on a carpet. For example, you should consider its placement carefully and go with a suitably large size.

Infuse Some Texture

The great thing about adding texture is that you can switch it out whenever you want. There’s a lot of opportunity to mix and match items together. Start off by piling pillows on the sofa.

Toss a few on the chairs or get an overstuffed floor pillow. Think about placing soft rugs on a hard floor to create contrast and improve comfort. Knit blankets can add to that. With these elements, you’re free to laze about in your living room at any time of the day.

Once you make your living room appear cozier, call a few friends to spend the day with. There’s nothing wrong with showing off and receiving a few accomplishments for your hard work.

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