5 Popular Home Improvement Projects For 2022

Even with the pandemic, the home remodeling market and the availability of condos for sale have continued to grow. Improving America’s Housing Report, the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, says that the home improvement market reached $281 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow next year.

The pandemic has been great for the remodeling business because it has forced people to make changes to their homes, which increases spending on home improvements. Many homeowners need more space to work at home and learn stuff online. That means more money is spent on upgrades inside and out.

Overall, the recent rise in residential mobility and the fact that many people still work from home shows the need for more flexible households.

Most home improvement projects involve upgrading roofs, sidings, windows, and systems. Condo Point, believe that in 2022, repairs and improvements to the exterior of properties will be among the hottest home improvement projects. Read on to find out what experts say are the best home improvement projects this year.

1. Get Closer to Nature with More Windows

Home improvements like windows, doors and wall glazing are rising because people want to spend more time outside. More and more people are replacing their windows, doors, and even whole walls to make room for bigger glass options. Skylights and big windows from the floor to the ceiling are a great way to bring in the outside.

Most of these projects are done by high-spending homeowners, especially in cities with great weather.

If you have enough budget for home improvement projects, you can make more expensive changes, such as replacing walls with glass and changing windows.

2. Home Office Redesigns Have Put Productivity First

During the pandemic, people had difficulty finding a good place at home to work from home or study independently. The 2021 Houzz Emerging Home Design Trends Report says that the number of searches for home offices went up by 108%. Some people are going back to work, while others have more flexible schedules that require a productive home office space.

Homeowners will continue to change the idea of a home office and a place for kids to do homework and study by converting guest bedrooms and building rooms outside.

3. Outdoor Kitchens Bring the Outdoors In

During the pandemic, people mostly spent their time at home and now they want to spend more time outside. It is one of the most noticeable changes in their lives. A survey by the American Institute of Architects in 2021 showed that the number of people who wanted outdoor spaces went up from 61 percent to 71 percent. It is likely to keep going on in 2022. This year, many home improvement projects will be focused on bringing the outdoors inside.

That project is about making an outdoor experience, not just setting up a grill and a table. Creating an outdoor kitchen means setting up a fully functional space and cooking meals without going inside.

4. Pay Attention to Sustainability and Wellness Design

The wellness goals of today’s homeowners are all about having flexible spaces, living outside, and smart features. In line with a wellness design and sustainability, consumer preferences will greatly impact the home improvement market.

Homeowners find stuff like steam rooms, hot tubs, zen gardens, and smart appliances that fit their lifestyle.

It will include using green building materials and making buildings use less energy. Condo Point hope that people might see things like bamboo and cork floors, recycled steel siding, and glass this year. Home automation, smart lighting, smart security, and smart windows are all part of the smart home. Because of the pandemic, people are more worried about their health, so they spend money on HVAC upgrades that include air filtration, antimicrobial materials, and purification systems.

5. Repairs After a Disaster

Lastly, a new home improvement project has more to do with safety than with looks. About 25% of homeowners plan to spend money on disaster repairs. It is because climate-related disasters are becoming more common.

The number and severity of storms are getting worse, and more homes are in storm-prone areas. It makes homeowners spend money on disaster repairs. Investing in condos for sale and spending on home improvement projects like driveways, fences, sheds, and landscaping jumped from 10% to 15% over the last five years. Homeowners who spend a lot are most likely to switch to projects like high-end kitchen updates and are ready for disasters. People who live in areas prone to hurricanes and storms buy flood-proof windows and sea wall barriers to protect their homes.

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