The Green Guide: Tips to Make Your Rental Property Eco-Friendly

Rental Property Eco-Friendly

Today, climate change poses the biggest health threat to humankind. It even continues to accelerate as irresponsible and unsustainable practices both by businesses and individuals globally go on. Indisputably, now more than ever, the world needs more planet-friendly solutions!

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We often hear people and brands talking about “going green” most of the time. Perhaps, some may think that the idea of living an eco-friendly seems too good to be true or difficult to achieve. For others, it may imply that you have to go all-out and sacrifice your usual life to make this new lifestyle work.

There’s good news! Anyone can opt for a sustainable lifestyle. In fact, people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are more than willing to adjust their simple lifestyles to lessen their carbon footprint. Some push for less to zero waste, replacing plastic bags and bottles with sustainable and economical alternatives like cloth bags and tumblers, and many more.

With this fact, it’s also increasingly important for short-term landlords to offer homes that reflect their tenants’ planet-friendly values. This does not only help the environment. It also enables you as a landlord to attract long-term tenants and save more in the long run.

Tips for a more eco-friendly rental

To help you create a space that lets our Mother Earth and humans breathe serenely, we’ve listed down tips on how to make your investment property an eco-friendly business.

1. Switch to LED Bulbs

LED bulbs allow you to make your home eco-friendly in one switch as they last 80 percent longer and use only one-third of energy versus incandescent lighting. These bulbs convert 95 percent of the energy they use into light, hence creating lesser waste than typical bulbs.

LED bulbs are easy to use as they fit into almost any lighting fixture. Should they not fit, retrofit kits are available as an option.

2. Rent to eco-friendly tenants

In addition to working on the eco-friendly features to add to your property, it is critical to make sure that you’re allowing your property to be rented by tenants who live eco-friendly lifestyles or are eco-conscious. This doesn’t mean you’re being picky. It’s okay to be selective because when you choose renters who are at least eco-conscious, you get to maximize your eco-friendly rental property setup and be at peace knowing that they’ll take care of your property and resources.

3. Consider environmentally friendly flooring

Aside from helping the environment, new flooring can amp up the look and ambiance of your rental property. Here are some cost-effective and sustainable flooring materials you can install:

  • Cork – this is a great option as it reduces allergens commonly found in homes, is extremely durable, and is easy to maintain. Cork doesn’t need to be replaced often with its typical lifestyle of 10 to 30 years.
  • Bamboo – is popular because it is natural, sustainable, and attractive. It regenerates quickly and doesn’t need to be cut down like cork to be harvested.
  • Glass Tiles – made from recycled materials, these are great for flooring, as wall, and as bathroom or kitchen backsplashes because they’re easy to maintain and usually last long.
  • Rubber – this can be made from recycled materials like tires. It’s popular in gym and workout settings due to its durability, yet is a good option for your kitchen and bathroom flooring, too.

4. Insulation saves more money

Improving insulation is a surefire way to make your rental property greener. When you insulate ceilings, doors, windows, and walls, you’ll be assured that once your space gets warm or cool, it’ll stay that way. As a result, this will massively reduce electrical bills.

A well-insulated home can save energy during summer, too! Your tenants can turn off the air conditioner earlier or run it less frequently as your home can keep coolness contained. In order to ensure that your insulation is installed properly, make sure to call professionals in insulation Lexington KY.

5. Utilize solar panels

Solar panels are undoubtedly a worthwhile home investment. The initial outlay may be costlier, but this will be nothing compared to your savings in the long run. Solar panels increase the value of your property while reducing energy costs for you and your tenants. Under the new ECO4, solar panel grants are available to households across the UK in 2023. Read the Warma UK guide to know how to qualify for a solar panel grant.

With such renewable energy sources, you get to combat greenhouse gas emissions while reducing the majority’s fossil fuel dependence.

6. Pay attention to landscaping

If you’re a landlord who will need to plan out or rearrange your landscaping, you can opt for more eco-friendly landscaping choices. You can choose native plants that are helpful for the wildlife in your area, plant trees, consider planet-friendly pesticides, and pop in a planting space for your tenants to embrace a more sustainable habit. If your tenants are green thumbs, they’ll surely love it!

7. Install low-flow modern showerheads

Keeping water usage in check is critical for someone who wants to live a sustainable lifestyle. While this is up to your tenants, as a landlord, you can still do your part to encourage water conservation by installing low-flow showerheads. These reduce the volume of water that comes through the showerhead without changing the water pressure. Low-flow showerheads can help you save five gallons of water and reduce your rental property’s monthly water bill.

8. Have dual-flush converters

For common toilets, it takes much water (around one to two gallons!) to flush the waste down the commode. To conserve water, opt to install dual flush converter kits for your toilet instead of getting a brand-new, modern toilet. These aren’t only easy to install; they also help you reduce your water bill and are good for the planet

A future-proofing decision

Creating a more planet-friendly rental property will not only help in conserving the environment; it’ll also help you save expenses, attract more guests, grow your rental property business, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider the tips above to help you get started with your eco-friendly journey!

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