Tips To Upgrade Your Teen’s Bedroom As They Grow

teens bedroom

Growing up calls for changing the environment you live in. When your babies become teenagers, they want their bedroom to feel like it belongs to them. A childlike room can make them feel invalidated and out of place.

If you’re ready to help your child grow, here are some tips to upgrade your teen’s bedroom!

Sort Through Items of the Past

Your teen’s favorite plush toy or nostalgic T-shirts from elementary school linger in their bedroom. While these items from the past hold many memories, it might be time to let some of them go.

Sort through the various items with your teenager. Decide which items should go into storage and which ones they want to donate. This will help them hold onto important memories while removing items cluttering the room.

Fix the Ceiling and Walls

The ceiling and walls of your child’s bedroom might look dingy and outdated. They may have chipped paint, popcorn ceilings, and an awful color your child has outgrown. It’s important to create a space that feels modern and mature.

As you transform your teen’s bedroom, perhaps they want a sleek look that popcorn ceilings don’t support. However, did you know that popcorn ceilings could have asbestos? It’s important for parents to protect children from asbestos. Before removing the popcorn ceiling on your own, contact an asbestos removal company to test the ceiling material and remove it safely.

Now, you can start fixing up the walls. Take down decor, repair any damage or unnecessary nail holes, and start to paint the walls the color of your teen’s choice. It will instantly revive the space and make room for new decorations.

Incorporate New Furniture

A brand-new furniture set is expensive. While you’d love to purchase something modern and new for your kid, it’s most likely impractical. That doesn’t mean you can’t DIY a few pieces and incorporate some new ones in the mix.

Prioritize buying new furniture items to replace the ones that are irreparable or outdated. For example, if your teen still sleeps in the twin-sized bed from elementary and middle school, it’s time to upgrade to a full or queen bed.

Then, you can refurbish items in good condition, like the desk, nightstand, and bookcase. Sanding and a fresh coat of paint can add a pop of color to the room that your teenager will love. Not to mention, it’s a project that can bring you closer together as a family.

Add a Comfy Relaxation Space

As your kids grow up, they become more independent. They need a space they can run to where they feel comfortable and at peace. Sometimes, their bed isn’t the only place they want for comfort.

In the corner of the room, incorporate a comfy relaxation space. Add a small rug, a plush chair, and warm lighting. It’s the perfect area for drawing, reading, and listening to music after a stressful day.

Let Your Teen Choose the Decor

The final tip to upgrade your teen’s bedroom as they grow is to let them be a part of choosing the decorations. Everyone’s style changes. Parents try to keep up, but you might not know the ins and outs of your teenager’s developing interests.

Allowing your child to play an integral role in the design process will give them more power over their bedroom. You’ll learn more about your growing teenager and help them discover more about their style, too.

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